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  • snuffyisback snuffyisback Oct 9, 2012 12:12 PM Flag

    Looks Like The Dreaded 6th Day Of Distribution For The S&P

    Gee, guess you didn't heed my advice. Now you're down 12% from my initial warning. Nothing more pathetic than a sore loser.

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    • Your warnings are worthless to me because my trading is not centered around your goals or comments. I do fine and am not disturbed in the slightest about what is occuring lately with Sprint. Just because I did not get out of my long term position with this recently doesn't mean that I wouldn't know how to at other times and because I would at certain times doesn't mean I will always see fit to get out anyway. Sorry, my problem is not self-control. Seeing someone a person have such lower standards as a human being like you do is disturbing though.

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      • Just one note: You are an blathering idiot.

        On second thought you are a loser too. Just like your pumpturd buddy Client9. That sheit SAND he was pumping to me is going down like his date raped drugged date on prom night.

        Seriously, you two are the biggest loser this board has every seen. Anyone that has followed you two has lost. Anyone can fact check that. They don't need to take my word for it.

        Now, run along to the Hasbro board (another losing call) and huddle up for your next twisted attack on serious contributors.

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