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  • no_deal_clwr no_deal_clwr Oct 17, 2012 9:39 PM Flag

    Purchase of 19.65% of company prior to 10/24 (earnings 10/25)

    Hey stupid, you will be left with 29.5% in the form of a subsidy that it OWNED by New Sprint, which is OWNED by Softdank. Current shareholders will be rubbed out by Hesse and his Japanese blow buddy. Much like CLWR investors were rubbed out of CLWR from $15 to $1.

    But keep misleading the sheeple if it gets you points with your circle at Sprint.

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    • You have sufficiently demonstrated that you don't have a clue what's going on in this deal.

      "* Softbank would buy primary shares up to 19.9% of Sprint. Why 19.9% because anything less than 20% would not require a shareholder vote"

      That's a GOOD one!

      BTW, it's 16% in step 1 and YES the shareholders WILL be voting on it. If the shareholders vote it down, there are provisions in the deal to resolve the disposition of the bond.

      Of course, if you knew what you were talking about you could have responded with the facts. But it is abundantly clear that you have not read the filings and you do not fundamentally know what is going on here. Half the board thinks your a lunatic and you think all of those posters are me. Further evidence that you are a deranged.

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