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  • ohiomale216 ohiomale216 Jan 19, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    Majority Control Do we Really Care ?

    Majority ownership and what it controls and how it controls a company is put there to protect the investments of Majors investor and not the common share holder. as for the rest of the open market common share holders it means nothing too so Sprint deal is not always the best as we have seen what it has done to the share price in past history. So what Dish asked is only protection on their investment also so what is the bad thing about that ? what is fair for one should be as fair for the others. Oh sorry forgot Dish also has money to help build out Clear so yes there is a New Kid on the Block and maybe that is what scares Sprint.

    Sprint fed Clear pennies on the dollars these past few years to get this price where it it at in order to take back the Spectrum they sold Clear and all the rest. it is known without this Spectrum or control of it Sprint has no future to compete with the major players and that is a fact. As for Soft Bank and Sprint goes I am sure Son has pretty much the same set of rules in place as what Sprint has with Clear to protect their investment other then they are wanting the whole 70% right at the Start.

    So where is Dish bid so bad for the Share holders or the company ? Lets not forget in all companies the major investors control what goes on in the company and not the common open market share holders the Proxy is only a legal thing that has been entered in the playing field but as such a minor amount of shares can not change or prevent any out come has you see with this deal. had all the largest investors had taken the $2.97 we would not be here now would we?

    But now we Know the True reason why these Major investors in Clear was so fast to turn in their B shares for A common this past year not to mention how they are also tied into Sprint in so form.

    simple Math

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    • You need to go back and learn simple English before you move on to simple Math.

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      • Simple English will not make you $ like Simple Math and unless the Soft bank deals gets approved Sprint will not have the Simple $ to buy CLWR now ill they?

        Also my Point on majority control was that Dish was willing to buy only 25% at that price $3.30 and if the FCC and Gov. tells Son he is only able to take control of 25% of Sprint is he still willing to buy? and if not Sprint falls right back in the driver seat with Clear as the only rider.

        One thing comes of this whole deal will show investors of both S & CLWR there is no BK in the future as someone will step up and take them over. So without Son Sprint is back to square one as we are not talking about a company with cash on hand to fill their Dreams are we. Even at $2.97 a share it will not be Sprint. Sprints whole future rides on Son and we all know this or did you forget the share prices of Sprint these last two yrs.

    • Let's not leave out the part about CLWR making horrendous decisions and being awash in losses. Sprinr hs kept them afloat. 2.5 GHz spectrum is only worth something to a mobile carrier with a Network Vison-type approach. Outside of that, it is only good for point-to-point backhaul and there isn't a lot of demand for that.

      Those thinking for a big payout from here on out are sadly mistaken.

      It's funny how little most posters on this board know about wireless.

      Sprint will end up hosting DISH's spetrum for them after Ergen gets over being butt hurt that Sprint kicked his #$%$ with the FCC.It's inevitable, folks, CLWR can't do what he wants, anyway.

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      • That's right. Clearwire just spent the last 5+ years building out it's network. Now Dish wants Clearwire to spend another 5+ years to build out Dish's network? That's funny. Sprint is offering to buy all its debt along with a premium and actual use of Clearwire's network within a year. Dish's pipe dreams are 6 years out. The Dish plan isn't what's best for Clearwire as a company, it's just good for those greedy funds that want that short term pop for nothing. Vultures.

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