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  • hughes.markd hughes.markd Mar 26, 2013 9:32 AM Flag

    Mr Son is planning on smashing V and AT&T real soon with high speed and endless spectrum

    $20 stock in 3 years at the latest

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    • 3 years? LOL.. Come On......Right now. Raise the bid/ask for Sprint Management which is smarter than DISH mgt to bid right price for CLWR. Dish Mgt that allows their customers scammed by Moneypack. Go Hesse Go!! Do not let Ergen beat you while he lets his customers scammed with Walmart/Moneypak cards.

      Check out HIBB too...

    • Your assuming that Sprint is allowed to buy CLWR and that Sprint is able to use that spectrum effectively for their customers. If they can do that then I agree. However .... Sprint had the CLWR spectrum for a long time with WIMAX and they could do nothing more then loose money on it... so far. I hope you're right !!! Owning spectrum and making money on it are two different things. The most popular LTE handsets today (IPhone) cannot use the CLWR frequencies. Don't expect Verizon and AT&T to just lay back let Sprint eat their lunch either.

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      • The largest carries in the world including China Mobile and the Indian market use 2.5 which is the same frequency Clearwire controls. Mr. Son uses the similar 2.-2.5 at Softbank, its the best for hauling large packets such as streaming videos and that is the future. Son will captialize on this spectrum as soon as he gets control and he will. Jamal Daniels is leading the charge against the Sprint acquistion of Clearwire due to his 8.5% holdings, of course he wants more money but its not going to happen, Sprint has Stanton and the Clearwire team by the neck and Jamal and everyone knows it. Craig McCaw left as you know to start Pendrell, he didnt want to waste any more time trying to get Wimax expanded with LTE coming on strong and with Sprint hammering them into whatever corner they wanted. Sprint is going to be the springboard for Son to accomplish his goal of becoming the richest man on earth, he will offer a no contract deal that will be backed up with the fastest LTE TDD ever developed and unlimited plans that will not be matched. I owned a sizeable chunk of Clearwire shares and took that profit and applied it to Sprint. I am not always right but I think Sprint will be the company in a few years. Mark Hughes, CEO and co-founder of Liquid Minerals Group.

    • Dont know if 3 years or 20 $, but it sure will be higher, but like ur thinking.

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      • Thanks for your insightful post! It rarely happens on this board anymore.

        So Sprint would be the only LTE TDD network in the US because AT&T and Verizon both use LTE FDD, right? Could an LTE TDD handset roam on LTE FDD or is Sprint building out a network that is yet again incompatible w/ all other networks in the area (like WIMAX)? Customers don't care about the technology but they do care about coverage, networks speeds and handset choices. I remember when Sprint chose WIMAX before all the other US telcos had LTE networks and they obviously bet on the wrong horse.

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