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  • carrollcountryman02 carrollcountryman02 Apr 26, 2013 4:12 PM Flag

    spftbank walks if they cannot close clwr deal. dish walks as well, leaving sprint at 4.00 pps


    this is Russian roulette. if clwr deal does not get done, both sb and dish will walk and invite clwr to join the party. the play is not sprint, it is clwr, plain and simple.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • Clearwire's 2.5 GHz spectrum is not all that valuable. I remember when Speedchoice had a chunk of that spectrum (before Sprint bought them) and I joked with their VP that their marketing slogan should have been "buy a Speedchoice receiver and get a chainsaw for free". Heavy foilage impedes signals in that band. DISH doesn't really want that spectrum - they already have way better 700 MHz and AWS blocks. The CLWR play is nothing more than the attempt of a bully to get Sprint to build DISH's network for them.

      My guess is SoftBank swings a deal with DISH to incorporate their 700 spectrum into Network Vision either on a spectrum hosting basis or by trading a chunk of the new Sprint to DISH for the spectrum. DISH is more likely to be a seller than a buyer at the end of the day - they don't know how to run a cellular network.

      And, guess what: the FCC is not going to let them sell that prime beachfront property to either ATT or VzW.

    • Sweat Dan ..........see you in court.

    • Very funny... the deal between Softbank and Sprint has nothing to do with clwr. Secondly, Dish is offers more.. but .. they could be end up become partnership ... So, just keep on dreaming... when you wake up .. sprint will be $4 ... or it could be $8 ok !

    • What are they smokin' in Carroll Country?

      Your hypothesis is ridiculous. Never happen.

      Go smoke another big doobie, man... peace.

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