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  • roadglide2459 roadglide2459 Jan 3, 2014 1:24 PM Flag

    Upgrades / Downgrades - Who to believe

    Stifel downgrades with a 7.5 price target
    Cowan downgrades - no price target
    Wells Fargo Upgrades with a 11.75 price target
    Citi upgrades with a 10.50 price target

    Downgrades based primarily on recent run-up and concerns whether a Sprint / TM deal could pass regulatory muster whereas Citi and Wells upgrade and think that there is a 60% chance a deal could get done.

    I view this morning’s news that AT&T is targeting TM subscribers with an aggressive buyout plan as a positive for a potential merger between S and TM in that if AT&T successfully raids TM subscribers it would weaken TM perhaps to the point where essentially there really would still only be 2 major carriers, 1 weaker carrier, and one also ran. Given that scenario, S could successfully argue that 3 large comparable players would be better than 2 strong players, one weaker carrier, and finally, one also ran.

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    • The Downgrades were for technical reasons. The Upgrades were for future growth prospects. They can both be right. It just depends upon your investing horizon. I am a long term 'entrenched' holder. Even after an ugly few days, the trend for Sprint is still up. Shares may be "off 7% over the first two trading days of the year, but still up 22%" in the last month. Net gain is still very positive. Future prospects are still very positive. Only question is are you a short term or long term...speculator or investor?

    • me wait for the dip 6.10"ssssssssssssssss

      Sentiment: Hold

    • Dont count out Tmobile for a counter strike. When thinking of advertising by carriers a very attractive woman has imprinted her image in my brain. I really cant recall an AT&T ad or they really havent made an impression..Tmobile could put a hurting on AT&Ts subscriber base would sime serious dirty fighting. Ma Bell should have left them alone. They just broke off a big piece since failed merger attempt.

      As for Sprint and Verizon, the zombie and nerd with clipboard can battle it out. I wonder who will strike first..

      All this fighting is good for consumer's wallet. Maybe the others will bring back unlimited.

    • AT&T is reacting to what TMobile is offering. It's a competitive landscape and incentives will keep things competitive and be a strain on profit gains.

    • Monday 8 as Vacationers hear their S gains are vanishing under downgrades.

      Follow the Bucks

    • from the turnaround with sprint thus far from sons buyback of shares, negotiating with bond holders etc shows he has the experience to get the job done..working quickly to get sprint up to speed again...there are not enough shares for investment companies to get in and some mm using scare tactics to shake out weaker your due diligence on this one but it appears sprint is about to continue an upward trend imo

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