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  • jschmix jschmix Apr 8, 1998 10:55 AM Flag

    Stock Appreciation between 9/92 - 6/97

    Stock Appreciation between 9/92 - 6/97
    GM - 80%
    JCP - 82%
    Disney - 140%
    Coca-Cola - 239%
    Sears - 274%

    This is based on total return to investors including change in stock price, dividends, and equity appreciation and dividends of companies divested. Source: Harvard Business School, Sears, Roebuck and Company(A): Turnaround, 12/30/1997,

    For the past three years, a large portion of ALL Sears salaried associate's pay, in the form of bonuses, has been tied to company performance, otherwise known as pay-at-risk. Art isn't the only one who saw no bonus this year. It is called accountability to the shareholder.

    Given the fact that there are hundreds of millions of transactions between Sears and the consumer, there are bound to be problems. After all, we are dealing with humans and their emotions, not machine like robots. In many ways, Sears and other company's hiring problems mirror only what is found in the general population such as the presence or absence of education, morals, attitude and so on.

    Best guess: 1stQ 1998 store visits up about 5%!

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    • Today Sears announced outside California they
      would leave the name Sears Hardware on the doors and in
      CA Orchard. Does anyone know what they plan to do
      and how aggressive they are going to be with the
      hardware stores. It seems they have lost some of the
      momentum when they purchased Orchard and quite expanding
      the Hardware stores. Also what affect these stores
      are having on the Mall store hardware departments???
      Good increase last month for Sears...not as good as
      some but sears did have a better than most Jan Feb

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    • Ags98...Name seems to indicate you go to an
      agricultural school. Wouldn't possibly be Texas A&M would it?
      If you are at B/CS store, I know a guy who may be a
      manager there. Let me know. if that's where you

      As to your message, I have often said the worst
      mistake I ever made was quitting Sears ten years ago. If
      I had stayed with them I would have had enough in
      profit sharing to have reduced my hours to about 10 a
      week when I went back to school and paid for school
      with what I had in the plan....STUPID STUPID STUPID.
      Hindsight is always 20/20.

      As far as retail
      companies go, Sears treats their retirees and long and
      short-term associates better than any other out there. Work
      for wally world, Ward's, Kmart, etc etc ad infinitum
      and you will see that I am on target here. I have a
      feeling that some of the naysayers (ie: jelboy, etc.) are
      just disgruntled associates or former associates that
      could not handle change, positive or negative. Just a

    • you sound like a seasoned fellow associate.. keep up the good attitude and the good work..k

    • I too am a Sears associate/college student and
      have been with the company since '93. Hard to imagine
      a better paying part time job than Sears. Avg.
      about $20/hour yearly working part time selling lawn
      and garden, and on top of that I have over 20K in my
      profit sharing fund waiting for me when I finish school
      this year. Our sales in 71 were way up last month
      compared to '97, and the season has only just begun. Lawn
      tractors are not a big money maker for Sears at all, but
      when I see Jewl and others talk about the rags at
      Sears and how they should get rid of them I just have
      to laugh. Do you people know how much of a margin
      there is on a dress compared to a lawn tractor? No
      comparison, clothing is MUCH higher. Sears will be just fine,
      short it all you want but you better be ready to cover
      those shorts because business is very good.

    • Let's get something straight here. I am not a
      manager, and I never want to be. I make more as a
      salesman, thank you very much,than my manager does.
      Furthermore, to me, Sears is just a means to an end. I know of
      no other place I can go and work part-time and make
      the money and have the benefits I do with Sears. I
      work very hard to make my living, and I don't need
      your crap to complicate it. I am a college student,
      full time, and a LOYAL Sears associate part-time. One
      advantage I have over a lot of the folks on this board: Not
      only do I work for Sears, I have worked for a lot of
      thier competitors. I can tell you this: None of their
      competitors that I have worked for are near as well managed
      as Sears. Maybe that's why Montgomery-Ward is in
      chapter 11, Tandy Name Brands is HISTORY (McDuff,
      Videoconcepts, and Incredible Universe), and a whole host of
      others who are struggling along and not growing at NEAR
      the rate Sears is. Get a life woman. It will help you
      out in the long run!

    • well, look at this another egghead manager heard from

    • Give me a drag of whatever you had that made you see those numbers! I have been in retail for 10 years, and in 10 years time
      there has never been that much margin in Appliances and Electronics. Now, if you are adding in MA's and accessories, yes that's
      going to boost your margins, but if you're going by profit of machines alone, then you're screwed, big time! I have worked for a
      lot of different retailers, and NO ONE, not even S can make that kind of profit on the mdse alone in Appliances and Electronics.
      When I worked for Tandy Name Brand (defunct now) McDuff Stores, if you had a 12% gross margin, they were happy. If you had 15%
      they were exstatic. If you had 20% they promoted you to President!

    • even with your new name you are still a gem. Hey, this board sounds more like a customer service complaint post. I expected you all to be predicting earnings. Maybe we need Jewlman to liven it up again.

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