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  • Igolf98 Igolf98 Apr 25, 1998 7:11 PM Flag

    Happy to sell to Sears

    I can tell you as a vendor of all the major retailers that Sears is by FAR the BEST to deal with. I can't stand to sell to most of the others because of the way I am treated. I am a small vendor and if I could only support my family on what I make from sears I would chose only to call on them. The people are great to deal with and treat every vendor fair. I can also tell you that Sears is posting some great numbers and looks positioned very well for the future.

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    • responding to his posts...Sears is going down the "tubes" right? The DOW was down 1.62% today and DOW component Sears was down 1.63%...what a disaster! The guy is obviously overworked putting in too much overtime setting cubic zirconium stones in his costume jewelery line that vendors can't peddle.

    • That is what I get for speaking my mind on this post. I should have just kept my opinion to myself because I new jewelboy would not have anything kind to say or try to backup anything. I will just go my separate way and not worry about him anymore.......

    • loozer is spelt looser....obviousley most folks on this board would agree who the looZer is!!!! if there is something up your butt that is bugging you, why don't you see a doctor? you may have a big piece of jewlery stuck up there. you may be able to in turn sell it you one of your customers.
      you know, i'm not even sure why i just wasted my time on you!! so.. never mind jewlboy. k

    • O.K. loozers take a good look at this f______ stock it is not going anywhere but down, I don't say so, it is the street that says so. Nobody impressed with the sucky news your fearless leader (ARTIE ) put out.
      Secondly how the hell can I sign off and repost in less than one minute jackoff. Do yourself a favor and listen to the good doctor. Usually I wouldn't say this because Doctors don't know shit about the business world that is why they hire financial planners.
      Thirdly if there is such a word, but i'm sure you will let me know, I don't waste time reading profiles. Class dismissed!

    • I guess there are 2 reasons someone would talk negative on a stock,
      1: You're in buying mode and you want to buy more shares with a lower price (I'm honest enough to admit I'm in this category, let's hit $40 by June 30!), or
      2: You made a big short bet and you're getting nervous.

      Any speculation on who's who on this board?

    • You are positively the BIGGEST IDIOT I have ever come in contact with. I wish I were IGOLF98. From his bio he is 30 and what
      I would give to be 30 again. As I have stated in my posts many moons ago I am in the retail business as a developer and ready
      to retire. As for you all you can do is slam others and not come up with anything tangible. No if you are any real person at
      all that has any sense, which we all know you don't, you will start to post information that is fact based and not your opinion.
      Thanks for thinking I was 30, it really made me feel good for a moment....but I remembered the source and put the kleenex away!

    • with Sears are a testimonial to the primary ingredient of any successful business relationship respect on the part of both parties....that's why some vendors are enjoying increases in shipments and others are complaining business is off. Best wishes for a profitable '98.

      • 1 Reply to pbjb6
      • Never said my business was off, I said vendors are complaining big department stores are not buying. Then went on to say
        economy might be slowing down. Hell department stores usually buy small to do a test anyway they are not going to load up every
        store with inventory and then eat it if it does'nt sell. That is why you people take credit card payments for a living, you have
        no idea what's happening in the bus. world. Hell even if off it isn't going to affect my pocket thats for sure I just
        lay the worker off. So either way it's a win win situation. Another thing Sears money is green and that's all that matters, It
        would not bother me in the least to do bus. with Sears. I would still be slamming CEO and BOFD. Another thing golf1, I don't
        beleive you are a vendor, no vendor or bus. person would put all his eggs in one basket, that was an assinied statement to make.

    • It's nice to hear from someone that deals directly with sears and not someone that has no idea what it is like. Some people,
      and you know who you are, just post their opinion with no facts. I have challenged this person several times in posts to give us
      some concrete reasons why he has such dis-taste for Sears but they just hide behind their words and yell. Sears is a great
      company and I have owned the stock for a very long time. I plan to hold onto it for a longer time. I do however believe that second
      quarter earnings will be a barometer for how this company is really doing. The credit troubles should be behind them and the numbers
      should reflect this.

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