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  • pbjb6 pbjb6 Apr 25, 1998 8:57 PM Flag

    Happy to sell to Sears

    with Sears are a testimonial to the primary ingredient of any successful business relationship respect on the part of both parties....that's why some vendors are enjoying increases in shipments and others are complaining business is off. Best wishes for a profitable '98.

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    • Never said my business was off, I said vendors are complaining big department stores are not buying. Then went on to say
      economy might be slowing down. Hell department stores usually buy small to do a test anyway they are not going to load up every
      store with inventory and then eat it if it does'nt sell. That is why you people take credit card payments for a living, you have
      no idea what's happening in the bus. world. Hell even if off it isn't going to affect my pocket thats for sure I just
      lay the worker off. So either way it's a win win situation. Another thing Sears money is green and that's all that matters, It
      would not bother me in the least to do bus. with Sears. I would still be slamming CEO and BOFD. Another thing golf1, I don't
      beleive you are a vendor, no vendor or bus. person would put all his eggs in one basket, that was an assinied statement to make.

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      • Jewelman, I have sat back and read with amazement your posts the past few months have done nothing because I don't believe
        you deserve a response. It has gotten out of hand however because I have also seen others challenge you to come up with certain
        facts that substantiate your feelings. You cannot and only slam each person that does. It is obvious you are very angry about
        something and don't have a real idea of how the business world really works. I do know some vendors that Sears is their only client.
        You have no idea because you don't deal with Sears directly. You have to be the biggest idiot in the world from the sounds of
        your posts. Also, from what I see with Sears there business is not off at all. My business is up over 20% with Sears and is up
        with other retailers a little lighter. I also said that the way Sears deals with me I would like to do business with them only. I
        also wrote I know this is not possible because I don't do enough volume with them to allow me to do this. The fact of the matter
        is it is the best retailer to do business with that I have dealt with. You are just an idiot that puts the blame in the workers
        you lay off as you write and don't take the blame on yourself and your lousy attitude. I look forward to another non-fact based
        quote that gives all of us who post here a good laugh.

      • Sorry, Chris, but in spite of what you may believe, I don't get paid to take payments. I take payments, and many times I am able to convert the customer who "just came in to pay a bill" into another sale! That's why the system's set up the way it is, so that you can use the payment customer for an opportunity.

        Personally, I work on commission, and the less than minimum wage that I make per hour from taking payments wouldn't buy me as many packs of cigarettes as I smoke in one day! Maybe that's why I make about three times the amount that my "base" is in commission. I know how to turn 90% of my customers into a sale. I am a professional salesman, Chris, not a payment taker.

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