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  • RcoNC RcoNC May 1, 1998 10:16 AM Flag

    But where's the stock going?

    Okay, okay . . . Nevermind if front-loading is
    better than top-loading, or if somebody loves free
    speech more than self-respect.

    I'm looking at S
    from a short term perspective. The stock certainly
    seems to have found a trading range, and seems unable
    to sustain any push over 60. Yes, I, too, believe
    that it will break out eventually, but is now a good
    time to put this money into something a little more

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    • DINGMEISTER is a Tribe fan now you know. Quit jacking with my screen name and spreading your lies.

    • So you get amusement by stealing people names. I
      can see the extended __ by my screen name you are
      trying to rip off. I work
      Sat.- Wednesday night
      6PM-6AM. I never leave message on these
      nights since
      my work schedule changed last week. So I come home
      to find a GOD DAMN idiot trying to rip my name off
      and make false statements.
      You are a sorry SOB
      and if you ever dare come down to my neck of the
      woods, I'm afraid the redneck boys will have to drag you
      through the cactus and teach ya a lesson. You are a loser
      have to stoop to the level of a coward.
      You are
      just mad that your company's stock sucks. The market
      goes up and Sears goes down again. Can't take any
      criticism about independent opinions being critical about
      the downfalls of Sears.
      Sears has become a has
      been retailer, no longer #1 but falling farther behind
      their competition.

    • Gosh, how can you tell who is the original anybody?

      /\... note the underscore

    • Yeah!, and I can add an underscore to someone else's alias and you'll think i'm him.

    • such ridiculous posts. Now these hypsters have
      nothing better to write than claim that Jewelman, you,and
      I are the same.

      It still doesn't change the
      fact that Artie doesn't belong at the top. This
      company is a HAS BEEN.

    • You don't have a clue. The DINGMEISTER is very
      active on many boards and Sears is just a part time
      board. MO,PEP,OS,BIR,CIG
      are my main boards. JEWLMAN
      and I have had a few disagreements in the past. If
      you bother reading the Sears board you will see that
      I got down on him in the past. So before you go
      around saying people are the same poster you better know
      your facts.

    • I have to agree with another post that this is
      not a short term stock. That is also why it is a DOW
      component. Sears is a stable stock that is not going to go
      up 20% or down 20% within weeks, unless the market
      does. Sears is a stable strong company with a very good
      balance sheet. Very little debt and with the growth of
      several businesses they look very well positioned for the
      future. I have been in this stock for over 30 years and
      will stay in as long as they continue to grow.

    • Sorry about all the messages about washers,
      dryers, etc. I guess that's only interesting stuff to
      those of us who work in this business. As to your
      question, S has always been a long term stock. If you are
      looking for a quick turn-around, my advice would be to go
      somewhere else. This stock will break out eventually, but
      it will be a slow and steady increase over the
      course of several months.

    • Its a dog. Can't ever break above the 59 range. One day its 59
      and the next its 57. Time to dump this bow wow.

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