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  • cravenfun cravenfun May 8, 1998 11:05 PM Flag

    some people are zombies

    Some of you out there are mindless zombies, what
    the Co. has done in the past is a indicator for the
    future. I'm not working here for lack of something to do,
    I'm a capitalist not a communist. Artie didn't get
    his bonus so he voted himself a raise. Are you happy
    with your 2% raise ? I'm not a retail zombie, I'm in
    home central. I'm a skilled professional. I'm seeing
    the biz with clear eyes, not glazed by corporate BS.
    Wake up. Management has the Clinton style, just do
    what you can get away with, then deny & point at some
    dumb slob next to you. Sears is a full circle Co.
    Everything old is new again in a few years, been there, done
    that many times. The greedy court just took the Co's
    money, BS, they got caught screwing unknowing people.
    Why do you think they revamped the profit sharing,
    because nobody wanted to chance their cash just on Sears
    stock. Better take a hard look at your position, and
    smell the coffee.

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    • I'm with you on the makeup of the board.... I'm
      glad you had a good transaction with the 'fridge but I
      deal with the end result of poor sales & delivery. I
      cover for salespeople all the time. By instructing and
      schmoozing the cust. after the sales BS stories. I'm eye to
      eye with the cust. in the house saving the sale after
      the BS settles. Do not defend salespeople as at least
      half of them do not know their ass from their elbows.
      As I said in a previous post most of the big ticket
      salesforce have some knowledge of the product but not all.
      15+ yrs. ago the salesfloor had good people out there
      , cust's would remember & ask for by name, only
      deal with certain people & recommend to others, now
      the money & good people have dried up. Sadly this is
      retail today but it can be changed. "ya gets what ya
      paid fer"

    • is the name of the game along with product
      knowledge. You just had an eye opening experience buying a
      fridge.When I go to circuit city and best buy to do a weekly
      competion check, I am amazed at the lack of professionalism
      at best buy-no one wants to wait on anyone and if
      they have to the customer usually knows more than the
      kid there. At cc at least they have some knowledge
      but are really just order takers-if you know what you
      want and they have it they will match all prices. keep
      in mind they have an "A" and a "B" price.Don't pay
      too much..In our area Sears has the best salespeople
      in town. Some of them are from Circuit but I know of
      no former Sears Brand Central people who left to go
      to C.C..Montgomery Wards was so bad in this town
      they have now gone out of business which is too bad
      since they gave us a lot of business.
      competition anyone who sells anything is competition.i have
      worked retail for almost 30 years for a few different
      retailers including W.T.Grant, Monkey wards, Kmart and
      private local dealers all of whom were our competition
      now WE are the competition.

    • Sears did make an error in judgement when it came
      to the bankruptcy problem. Lets start making excuses
      for everyone so each person in the world can buy
      stuff and then pay nothing for it by declaring
      bankruptcy and keeping the stuff. Last year at the
      shareholders meeting, which I attended as I do everyear, the
      conversation was more on why would we settle with these
      people. They are the ones at fault, they should pay there
      bills like the rest of us. I think I am going to buy a
      brand new bmw $500,000 house and load up all my credit
      cards and then declare banckruptcy so I can keep my
      country club membership. What a country we live in.
      Charge everything pay for nothing!

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      • Mikeseven this is what happens when you have a
        bunch of liberal democrats running this country for
        fifty years the liberals wrote these bankruptcy laws.
        This is the same way they ran this country. But things
        are about to change because the middle class person
        is starting to realize that liberals are against
        them. So now we have the new republicans that are more
        for the middle class. O.K. enough politics back to
        AS far as wal-mart not being sears competition is a
        bunch of bull shit, which is in fact what sears
        management tells its employees. I beleive mikeseven said
        when you are in retail everyone is your competition,
        perfectly said. The problem is SEARS CAN NOT COMPETE WITH
        WAL-MART, which is very sad. Now you know where my problem
        lies with current CEO, BOFD, and the rest of so-called
        management. When ever you talk to a store manager @ SEARS
        about WAL-MART you get an answer like this " WE ARE NOT
        CHIP COOKIES". This is whats going on @ HOFFMAN
        ESTATES this is the so-called mantality.

    • I see the republicans have come out of the closet.

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