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  • rwcva rwcva Aug 4, 1998 10:56 PM Flag

    c'mon rmarris3....still buying? the weeks ahead for averaging.

    point was....not a time for someone to
    purchasing of retail securities.

    IMHO there is a 3 to
    4 month downturn in
    retail stocks ahead.

    Reason: the large percentage gains of 1997
    and early
    1998 WILL NOT occur from now on...
    growth YES...BUT
    not nearly as high.
    This will cause (and continue)
    retail stocks to fall.

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    • large percentage gains of retail sector in
      general may slow but the co. is still forcasting that
      they will meet earlier stated sales plan. if market
      continues to slide i see a bottom of 41 for sears, or a pe
      of 12 in other words. a sale of homelife or parts
      america will give a lift to sears stock if it takes
      place. low interest and inflation rates will continue to
      work in favor of retail allowing a low cost of
      inventory as well as continued positive bias consumer
      sentiment. if housing market stays strong, durable goods
      should continue to sell well and if it weakens
      remodeling should give home improvement products continued
      sales growth. a win win either way. i agree that i
      would not be a buyer, other than to be involved in the
      employee discount program, at the current price. however
      if s hits the 41 target i mentioned earlier i would
      recommend taking a position. (by the way, cmgi up today for
      those who may have seen my earlier posts. geocities ipo
      monday will support cmgi. wall street journal will have
      positive article in 8/5 edition on cmgi.) good luck to

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