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    • .....the shareholders perish."

      management continues to be behind the curve when it comes to
      keeping up with the retail industry. Why? Because they
      lack imaginative, innovative and forward looking
      executives. There is a lack of leadership at the

      Sears has developed hardening of the arteries. There is
      a desperate need to get an infusion of fresh, young
      blood into those collapsing corporate veins before it's
      too late to do anything about it.

      the current CEO will step aside for someone younger,
      brighter, bolder and decisive about Sears place in the 21st
      century. The last thing this company needs is a CEO whose
      thinking is still in the 20th century.

    • The current CEO and management is going nowhere

      What we have in today's Sears is a mummified entity.
      Anyone that can get excited about this company's lack of
      direction is beyond me.

      All that the stock is good
      for at this point is for trading between $40 to $46.
      Any sustained price movement is

      Unless pressure is brought to bear on this current
      management, invested money is dead money.

    • ,, ,,yesaree!!!! time to go long here.

      ,,and i did buy in today at $41 13/16! ! ! !

      ,,looking to acumulate more....

      ,, ,,why,you ask ? ?
      well,,,,,the time is here!

      ,, ,,dont be late too get on
      boared this train,its leaving soon.!

      ,, ,,THIS
      STOCK WILL ZOOM. . well,maybe start off slow,but dont
      wait too long ! ! ok? OK!

    • just not as complete a 'revolution' as

      believe me when i say the turnaround in
      attitude/corporate culture is real. i worked for S in the mid 80s
      for about 1.5 years... i left because the future
      looked dim and the company was restructuring the work
      force towards 80-90% part-timers and my pt job as a
      sales person wasn't going to evolve to full time or
      mgmt. and the customer service attitudes were being
      replaced by bean counters' attitudes, so i got

      i came back to S (recruited to go into hardline
      sales) in the mid 90's because i saw in the operations &
      attitudes the recommitment to customer service and quality
      merchandise that Martinez's regime had brought back to S.
      Martinez may not be a merchant, but if he works to
      maintain a good corporate culture and hire / train better
      upper (operational-merchandise/strategy) mgmt S will
      maintain its position in retailling.

      if you read
      the stated goals for the 'second revolution' you will
      see an excellent framework for the future... any3 is
      one of the foundations and it means that S will find
      a way to be there for its customers
      any(time/place/where) which will strive to tie together the internet,
      direct sales (infomercials, catalogs), the off mall
      stores, the mall stores, the contracted services, and the
      repair services to present the customer with a united
      front that they can reach 24/7...

      name me ONE
      other company in the world that has a reasonable chance
      to pull that off and my resume will be in the
      and yes i beleive that S has the assets to put all of
      those things under one umbrella and if necessary spin
      any of those things off if they will do better

    • GE owned the Ward's portfolio since the 1988 LBO,
      not as part of the chapter 11. Why would GE do such a
      dumb thing if they are so smart, flooding the
      portfolio with bad credit??

      Point I am trying to
      make is that there never was a real turnaround in S,
      no real strategy developed outside of the same
      business model. I know people that have worked at S and
      Ward's and the thing they note at S is that it is still
      a good ole' boys club when it comes to operational

      Martinez can talk all he likes but if the
      executives under him will not look out for anything but
      their own self interest this company will continue on
      its stagnant course to being a second tier retailer,
      like Wards.

    • S's credit card acquisitions/issuances 'reigned
      in'; Wards #1 problem was massive overextension of
      credit to ANYONE... GE owns Wards portfolio as part of
      the bankruptcy as they were a huge creditor of Wards.
      S did loosen the standards but as soon as problems
      became apparent (higher delinquency rates, etc.) the
      standards were tightened... and part of the profitability
      in the last quarter was (unfortunately) due to a
      reduction in money set aside to cover for bad debt in the
      credit card portfolio, and this was prudent due to the
      tighter standards and the decreases in bad debt that is
      being consistently seen...

      S's has several
      strong in-store brand names: Craftsman, Kenmore,
      DieHard, etc.

      S's sales results have been slightly
      increasing (~1-3% up) while Wards (& JC Penney's) quickly
      decreased (~6-10% down)indicating an underlying strength in
      the current customer base. while this is not a strong
      indication of success/failure in the far future, 10 years or
      more, it does mean S isn't in any short term danger of
      pulling a Ward's...

      Malls in general aren't going
      away soon, they just aren't growing as fast as they
      used too... you must be forgetting that many of the
      high sales growth companies are also in the mall...
      the Gap, etc.

    • Having worked for Ward's and Sears, I believe you've just about hit the nail on the head.

    • Diversity is very important in Sears culture
      since 1993. Diversity is what makes the company work ,
      and diversity helps the company with local marketing.
      Racism not only has no place at Sears but in America.
      Walmart is also a very diverse company, yet investors are
      pouring money into them. Please stop with the racist
      garbage , that is about as low as that jerk from Butler

    • what does the after hours trading activity mean
      for Monday. I can't tell if these after hours trades
      are representative of swings in market opinion or
      just an aberration and vacation from

      This link takes you to a site where you can access
      after hours trading figures.

      Click here

      Does anyone think these numbers will hold up Monday on
      the open?

    • Sears holds a 35% share of the appliance
      business. Every three appliances sold in the United States
      is bought from Sears. Kenmore is America's favorite
      appliance brand. In fact, 60% of America's kitchens feature
      a Kenmore nameplate.

      Sears is the only true
      national chain of department stores, soft goods and hard
      goods, as well as automotive. No national store company
      enjoys this breadth of merchandise and breadth of

      Sears has the brands people want--a balanced mix of
      renowned national brands and respected private brands in
      both hard lines and soft lines.

      Sears offers
      the widest variety of credit options, including the
      SearsCard--certainly the most popular private card in America. Here,
      our reach extends to 65 million households.

      one provides service like Sears: delivery,
      installation and repair. No matter where the customer bought
      an item, we can fix it and we do so 48,000 times a

      We provide all this at a price people want to

      And, finally, we're at those locations we're expected
      to be--with more than 899 full-line department
      stores in the majority of the country's leading malls
      ... off the mall in locations convenient to her
      neighborhood ... and directly and aggressively to her through
      specialty catalogs and the Internet.

      41 billion
      dollars in sales means America likes to shop at Sears.

      • 2 Replies to satisfied_2
      • AS of late the content of most posts have no
        value at all. A lot of personal attacks and negotism. I
        don't think some of you are even S stockholders, just
        troublemakers. The way I see it one more downgrade this stock
        price will be in the thirties. This is what I have to
        say to the person who WISHES the price was in the
        50's. I have been using Craftsman tools for 45 years.
        There are no better tool for the money. After literaly
        wearing out a speed ratchet handle I had it replaced free
        with a SMILE. This is what you get with Sears a smile
        and quality. Like someone else said at WMT you buy
        cheap, you get cheap. If wishes were horses beggars
        would ride...........Buy some Craftsman tools today.

      • You make a good case for investing in Sears. Can you give me any candid reason to be cautious? Every coin has two sides. Thanks!

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