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  • satisfied_2 satisfied_2 Jul 23, 1999 2:31 PM Flag

    Arts'U of F speech in ChainStoreAge

    Sears holds a 35% share of the appliance
    business. Every three appliances sold in the United States
    is bought from Sears. Kenmore is America's favorite
    appliance brand. In fact, 60% of America's kitchens feature
    a Kenmore nameplate.

    Sears is the only true
    national chain of department stores, soft goods and hard
    goods, as well as automotive. No national store company
    enjoys this breadth of merchandise and breadth of

    Sears has the brands people want--a balanced mix of
    renowned national brands and respected private brands in
    both hard lines and soft lines.

    Sears offers
    the widest variety of credit options, including the
    SearsCard--certainly the most popular private card in America. Here,
    our reach extends to 65 million households.

    one provides service like Sears: delivery,
    installation and repair. No matter where the customer bought
    an item, we can fix it and we do so 48,000 times a

    We provide all this at a price people want to

    And, finally, we're at those locations we're expected
    to be--with more than 899 full-line department
    stores in the majority of the country's leading malls
    ... off the mall in locations convenient to her
    neighborhood ... and directly and aggressively to her through
    specialty catalogs and the Internet.

    41 billion
    dollars in sales means America likes to shop at Sears.

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    • AS of late the content of most posts have no
      value at all. A lot of personal attacks and negotism. I
      don't think some of you are even S stockholders, just
      troublemakers. The way I see it one more downgrade this stock
      price will be in the thirties. This is what I have to
      say to the person who WISHES the price was in the
      50's. I have been using Craftsman tools for 45 years.
      There are no better tool for the money. After literaly
      wearing out a speed ratchet handle I had it replaced free
      with a SMILE. This is what you get with Sears a smile
      and quality. Like someone else said at WMT you buy
      cheap, you get cheap. If wishes were horses beggars
      would ride...........Buy some Craftsman tools today.

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      • A question for those who are very knowledgable
        about Sears. Recently I learned about Sears partnering
        with local people to open dealer stores. The local
        individual owns and operates the store - Sears stocks it.
        The stores only stock appliances, electronics and
        hardware. Any insight on the success of these stores? Any
        advice regarding them?

    • You make a good case for investing in Sears. Can you give me any candid reason to be cautious? Every coin has two sides. Thanks!

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      • The consumer continues to find compelling reasons
        shop at Sears but we are not gaining market share, we
        are holding our own.

        Sometime in mid August
        the new ad campaign will be unwrapped and hopefully
        this will translate to growth in market share in Sears
        core business strengths. This should make it a more
        compelling investment for the investors. Tool Territory will
        be part of this new push.

        "Should" and "time
        will tell" are the operative words if you are looking
        for the other side of the coin. Sears felt some of
        the warm weather and Asian flu pressure last year, if
        4Q is flat again, who knows what the future will
        hold for upper management.

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