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  • ken777n ken777n Aug 6, 1999 10:51 AM Flag

    Sears = Wards??

    The tractor M.A. may sometimes be worth it but
    appliances and televisions shouldn't need a M.A. If an
    appliance or television has a problem in less than 10 YEARS
    it is DEFECTIVE!!!!!

    There isn't any
    maintenance required on a television, etc.

    Sears uses
    the M.A. as an excuse Not to fix defective products!
    If someone didn't buy the M.A. but has a defective
    product, Sears won't fix it, they will just say you should
    have bought the M.A.

    The Maintenance Agreement
    is almost all Profit. That is why there is so much
    pressure to sell it. It is a rip off!!
    That is why
    Maryanne Ford store #2724, pushes employees to sell it, so
    she will get a bonus!

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    • Of course Sears likes a product that is
      profitable- as you may not know the company is in business to
      make money..

      The MA is a great deal if you use
      it. If you do not use it is a great deal for Sears.
      You as a former employee- even if you were fired for
      incompetence, should know that the MA is meant for preventative
      maintenance. So you see while a Washing machine may function
      for ten years at some pint it will need maintenance
      to continue functioning at a high level. I
      personally have neighbors who are on their third
      refrigerator- having had two replaced under MA

      So I
      guess you are right- Sears should stop selling
      profitable products. I mean why would the company want to
      turn a profit?

    • need to maintained just like everything else...
      off the top of my head clean the coils on the fridge,
      not technical anyone can do it but when is the last
      time you did! this increases efficiency and the life
      of the coils so the appliance last 20 years instead
      of 10!!!

      television remotes, break it get a
      new one one remote cost $40-$100 depending on the
      manufacturer/model of your tv, obviously, throw it across the room
      and you buy your own, but how frustrating is it to
      have 'mote end up in the couch, scrunched, and
      worthless!! you can go get a 'universal' and maybe it works,
      but i admit i am anal retentive and want the

      vcrs & camcorders should be cleaned/demagnetized
      somewhere between every 6-18 months... again the cost of
      doing this is equal or more than the cost of the ma and
      so it is good customer service to explain/offer it
      to the customer so they can make an informed
      decision... MAs aren't for everyone, but isn't nice to live
      in American and have freedom to make

      if you want more examples, just ask, i have about 15
      MAs on appliances, hardware, etc. right now and i am
      careful w/ my money, i know where MY cost advantages

      if you have a defective product Sears stands behind
      it (as policy although there are people there who
      don't do their job right as there are anywhere), MAs
      are mainly for preventative, routine maintenace that
      you may or may not be able/willing to do

      Sears, Roebuck, & Co. "Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your
      Money Back"

      PS this doesn't say S'll do it YOUR
      way period, it says if we will do everything we CAN
      to make you satisfied and if you still feel we
      haven't done enough, you get to walk away with your
      money. i.e. returns w/ receipts for nearly anything for
      1 year, no receipt you get the last sale price,
      after 1 year we prorate it out 'til after 4 years you
      get bumpkas... show me a retailer (other than
      Nordstroms) who offers better than that!

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