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    • do you have an opinion on ANF. Looks like they
      are down for pissing off analysts, market went
      overboard in my opinion. I'm keeping an eye on them this
      week. Now doesn't look like a good time to be going
      long on anything, but if you look at their chart and
      than look at growth and pe it looks good. One concern
      would be, they could be a fad, and fall off the planet
      ala Guess jeans. I don't like investing in fashion,
      but this looks pretty good.

    • retread posts talking about S going flat due to
      the poor alignment of management and their inflated
      salaries. I hope that S can find the traction it needs to
      once again gain control on the retail highway.

    • it was odd that you're keeping an eye on all of
      these dogs just that it seems strange to post when you
      have no position. But honestly I was just trying to
      get a rise out of you. As I said before, this board
      doesn't hold out much hope for useful information or
      entertainment, your posts seemed to be the most interesting so I
      figured I'd jab you a couple times to see how you

      I too had my eye on RAD but I chose ODP instead.
      They had a very good day yesterday, but my GTC order
      at 12 wasn't hit. Obviously at these levels RAD
      looks like a tremendous bargain. My one concern would
      be the $5 billion dollars in debt they are carrying
      in light of the inevitable fed rate hike in
      November. Still hard to imagine much down side at this

      S and ODP are my only long positions right now. I'm
      short INTC and RNWK, I mangaged to get $113 for RNWK
      and I'm hoping to see it go into the 50's. They have
      few barriers to keep out competition, and currently
      ORCL is reverse engineering their products. To me that
      spells trouble for a company with an $8 billion market

      I'm hoping for big carnage from a y2k panic so I can
      jump back in at bargain prices. This could be a once
      in a lifetime chance, remember the panic last
      October, that was just like picking money up off the
      ground. y2k has much more potential.

      At what level
      would you consider getting into Sears. I'm looking for
      the low 20's, I know it probably won't happen but
      never say never.

      long boring post I know but (as
      the guy who thinks I use the word securities to feel
      important stated) you don't gotta read it. Besides it's no
      worse than the rest of you junk tire buying, Martinez
      slandering bums.

    • Did someone take your puny little finger and
      force it down on the
      mouse button? If you don't want
      to read what other people are saying, then get the
      hell off the board. And yes dumb ass, i'm
      excited about the possibility of a major correction
      the chance to get to lose money. OH GOODY!! That is
      of course if
      i really traded securities.{does it
      make you feel important to say securities instead of
      stocks? Go home little boy.

    • I have no idea what point you were trying to make
      in Para. 2.
      I watch 4 or 5 dozen stocks with
      varying degrees of interest. S is simply a recent
      addition. G GR TR HSY T CMED are a few. Except for T and
      maybe G the others are not especially favorites. One
      would have to be a fool in this trading environment not
      to have a list, however long. No matter what people
      say, everyone is waiting for "the bottom" so they can
      get in. Everyone is a timer; even the pros. But then
      the unexpected comes along. XRX GENZ FDX UIS RTN.
      GENZ went right back up. FDX and RTN are climbing and
      XRX is still going down. And RAD. That's a real sad
      tale. I jumped on UIS. We'll see. I did manage a modest
      gain on RAD when it first hit 22. If you were trying
      to rattle my cage, well, get in line and waste your

      Incidentally, the original issue wasn't tires but bad
      Most people don't give a damn about speaking correctly
      (or is that talking good?)

    • man you gotta cut some slack or this could get old real fast.

    • Pl. check second line of my post. I spelled regarding correctly, and it's too late to go into the affect vs. effect discussion. Also, pl. check stead(i)ly in your line 4. GOOD LUCK TO ALL---17.

    • I can see I will have to work on my grammer, but
      as for the modifier in front of tid-bits I was
      refering to the "juicey" type of tid-bits, those are the
      best kind. But I will be on gard aginst any further
      grammetical pho-paws. I am aware that spelling errors are
      much worse than investment errors.

      My my, you
      do sound facsinating though. You keep a close eye on
      12 stocks which you are not investing in. What could
      be more interesting than that. This board could use
      more guys like you who have no position in Sears, yet
      find it somehow facsinating. I really admire your
      investment philosophy. Spending perfectly good money on
      stocks is a sure fire way to end up in the poor house.
      Good for you.

      Try not to take any of this to
      heart, I admit my social graces could use as much work
      as my spelling. It's just that this board is so
      boring. It is even worse than the F board. Sears is
      sinking fast, it's a bargain but it looks like it will go
      lower, much lower. If I can average in under 25, I will
      make lots of money. That prospect makes me very
      excited and I would enjoy discussing the possibilities
      with other investors, but when I come to this board
      all anyone talks about is Martinez and bad tires.
      They really don't get it.

      This is Sears and it
      looks like momentum is going to carry this stock to a
      market cap of under $10 billion. Man, my mouth starts to
      water just thinking about it.

      So which do you
      prefer the Guardsman or the Road Handlers, I think both
      are excellent so I'm gonna go with the least

    • Stearman, you forgot to mention that there is no
      "u" in the word regard. Now, down to business, S has
      an excellent p/e ratio. S has an adequate dividend.
      If there is no unforseen bad news, S will be a very
      profitable investment in less than six months. It could
      easily continue to rise steadly for another year after
      that. GOOD LUCK TO ALL---TY

    • Not being one to disappoint, I feel compelled to
      inform you that there is no 'e' in juicy, and an 'a',
      not an 'e', at the end of grammar. Also, you might
      wish to check regarding and affect.
      Purely as an
      aside, I have no position in S. However, I have
      interest in it and about eleven other beaten dogs (30%-40%
      I'll just bide my time. They all won't go up together.
      There is a lot of information on these message boards.
      Some good, some funny, some bad. It just needs sorting
      out. Analysts, like politicians are not to be relied

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