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  • quantify33 quantify33 Dec 27, 1999 8:52 AM Flag

    Kenmore Elite

    Just like their management, not what they appear to be............Pretty ..........but NO GUTS!! This line of appliances will be their downfall, nice appearance...... terrible reliability

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      What I & Niko
      predicted and were ridiculed for is now starting to be
      accepted as self evident!

      Sears to $45 by the end
      of June 2000 despite my speling! Still in Sears 25%
      of total retirement portfolio! Sears did not
      integrate store associates and store managers to the
      success of the online effort (
      )through compensation which will reveal itself to be a
      major error in judgement in time as will illiminating
      health & Dental benefits for part timers! Also I no
      longer work for Sears.

      buylow2fly........ and
      sell before greed gets your returns! Sears to 60.5
      before year end!?

    • and all sort of numbers

      U N D E R $40. per share.

      S will drift for a long time.

      $50. this year?

      forget it!

    • about sears credit. It makes between 60-70% of
      their profit, fully expensed. I suspect GE Capital
      would very much like to have Sears credit portfolio in
      their stable. If Martinez had stayed around a little
      longer it might have happened, he has sold every other
      asset many at fire sale prices. Credit, realestate and
      home services are all that is left with value.

    • that will go up or down in large jumps. S usually
      takes a long time to slide up or down. If you wish to
      avoid risk in the first place, what made you buy S near
      its historical high? What if you had averaged down
      over the past year?

      The recent substained
      jump of 25% in one week is somewhat out of place for a
      retail stock like S. There is some consistency and
      momentum in the past 6 months building for S.

      look for more good news on the sales front, more offerings, better credit results and continued
      cost containment.

      BTW, Sears would never sell
      its credit operations. Why should it? It makes S

    • I never thought sears would come back this far. If I sell now I will only lose about $21 a share. That is a lot better than the 50% loss I would nave taken if sears stayed below 30.

    • we will have reached the target price set by
      BanAmerica Securities today when they upgraded S to strong
      Except things don't happen that fast in the
      stock market. Look for a retracement. we are up 11
      points in one week, it's unlikely we will do 10 points
      in the next week.

    • compliment you on a post with ZERO spelling
      mistakes. Are you jealous that I have made money on the
      downtrend and the uptrend? Did you buy those calls and
      clean up? Did you buy back the S shares that you sold
      in time to participate in the white candle out of

      I didn't ridicule your prediction; I goaded you to
      make some big money on it. Did you?

    • All truth passes through three

      First it is ridiculed. (paulohl comes to

      Second it is violently opposed. (embeay comes to

      Third it is accepted as self-evident. (paulohl once
      again comes to mind)

      Congrats to
      Niko, Doppel, & plus20years, lettertotheeditor, and all
      the other true longs for keeping the

      paulohl.....I'm surprised you still have the nerve to post here.
      The record shows you to be a fool and I hope I'm not
      the last to point that out to you.

      Look to
      the post that this is a reply to by me on 01/01/00 if
      you want my thoughts on what's ahead for Sears and
      it's stock price.

      Gotta fly......buylow2fly

    • that earnings (management) has the final

      BTW. The recent rally from 25 came up in 5 waves (3up
      and 2 down) which is bullish. The bad news is that
      today's candle is a "spinning top" which is bearish. The
      magnitude of this recent run is more than 20% of the base,
      which is also bullish. I expect S to correct down in 3
      waves to put in a double bottom and then make a run at
      that yawning gap at 35.

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