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  • doppelganger_5 doppelganger_5 Jan 14, 2000 9:12 AM Flag

    PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME... S stock is going to increase, as some of
    you predict, when we Part Time Sales Associates have
    been notified that Sears is eliminating all benefits
    for Part Time Employees???? Is the money saved going
    to enhance their stock price that much?????
    only people that are eligible for benefits are
    Managers and Full Time Sales Associates. Management has
    said that there will not be any more Full Time Sales
    Associates than there is now and will not be replaced as and
    when they leave.
    Management is right about Sears
    being a "Compeling Place to Work."
    "Compel" -- To
    force, drive, constrain
    "Constrain" -- To compel by
    physical, moral, or circumstancial force; To keep within
    close bounds; To check the freedom; To compel in a
    forced manner!
    Just give Management a whip and chair
    and they'll be happy little buggers! Meanwhile, the
    customers are doing a mass exodus to Home Depot, Lower,
    Best Buy and Circuit City because they can't find
    anyone to help them or take their money. How does this
    increase profits???

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    • I could not help myself from commenting on this

      When I worked for Sears, I was a Sales Manager in one
      of the first test stores to implement Stars before
      the rest of the stores rolled out the program. A few

      1) Stars was mirrored after programs that
      discounters and grocers use to schedule help. It works great
      in that type of enviorment because most of the help
      is scheduled in the front check out lanes, when the
      traffic is in the store. The difference between S and
      discounters is, in big ticket areas, customers often shop
      more than once, before deciding to purchase. Hence,
      they might come in to look during off peak hours, and
      not find enough help.

      2.) When used as a
      customer service tool, it works great. You have the right
      number of hands on deck, following previous traffic
      patterns. When used as a payroll monitoring tool, everyone
      looses. Becuase some of the physical layouts of some
      departments, a minimum coverage of two is required. In our
      store, it was decided that, in order to control payroll,
      every department would be set up on a minimum coverage
      of one. Needless to say, it was difficult for some
      customers to find help, not mention what happened to
      inventory shrink.

      3) In a previous post, some said
      they were scheduled six days in a week from open to
      close. Thats becuase they don't have enough help on
      payroll. If you dont have enough people, Stars will
      schedule what you have to cover the floor until it runs
      out of people. When we were short handed, which is
      almost always, it often did not schedule anyone on
      Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

      It was a time saver
      though! A task that previously took hours to do, was
      changed to just minutes.

    • This company indeed has become "home of the bean
      counters". The treatment of the employee is continuing to
      decline. Sears Attitude surveys have showed this over the
      last seven years. A lot of lip service is given to the
      survey and little action.The people in the trenches
      continue to be hurt each day with little concern for the
      well being of the associate being showed.

    • I'm sorry that it pains you. Number 6, I believe,
      you can handle yourself. Yes, I did good on the up
      day for Sears. As for my motto...
      "The early bird
      may catch the worm, but it's the second mose that
      gets the cheese!"

      As for Sears it is "D@*n the
      management, Customer Service full speed ahead."

      family moved out of Long Island before I was
      Counting my lucky stars "way" down south.

    • This has been going on for some time. Taking into
      consideration all that affects the scheduling, budgeting and
      availability, why is it that the dept. mngrs are fighting for
      coverage on the floor (at my store)? Example:
      Between Paint, Power Tools and Hardware, there is only 3
      associates scheduled to work for 9 hrs (1 hr off for
      2. STARS schedules these three for breaks and
      lunch, yet you can't leave the floor unless your dept.
      is covered (and staff is not going to cover for
      3. STARS leaves gaps for 1, 2, 3 hrs.
      Associates are begging to work.
      5. Dept. manager pens in
      extra workers for coverage. For the grace of God, the
      dept. mngr stands up to the O.M. and the store mngr to
      justifies what they are doing and proves that it is
      justified by sales.
      6. Whoever heard of National
      Hardware Week with only 1 associate in each dept., Paint,
      Powertools & Hardware, on a Saturaday?
      Like I said, I am
      lucky to have a dept. mngr that takes a stand;
      schedules accordingly to meet the needs of the CUSTOMER and
      not the budget!
      My full time job is in
      management. Sure we have budgets, eveyone does. I do not,
      however, expect to make 18 holes-in-one in a row or bowl
      300 games all the time!

    • specific answer.

      first, i no longer work
      in the retail environment and STARS is a retail
      sales associate scheduler. in my experience STARS
      wasn't set up for use in the 'backrooms'(although they
      did try in my old store.

      to your post, that
      'tiny' detail is HUGE... you, my friend have a bad OM
      and you can quote me on that. if you can talk to the
      GM w/o fear, calmly & rationally go into their
      office w/ your dept. mgr and explain the increased sales
      offset increased expenses theory and pray. i come from a
      small store where my department's annual sales went
      from $2M to $3M in about 24 months thanks to increased
      floor presence and a strong focus on stocking/shrinking
      lines of merchandise according to sales.

      fought w/ my OM until i finally convinced them that
      increase sales means increase spending is possible. the
      OM's incentive (at least when i was in the store) was
      based ONLY on store profitability!! a serious problem
      in my opinion.

    • In some cases I may agree with you... Although,
      the people who are accountable for the amount of
      hours they wish to be scheduled is the associates.
      Everyone finds someone else to blame.. Think before you
      type your reply...

    • Stars worked fine at my store. In fact, my store
      was the district training ground for all new Stars
      Specialists. If the process isn't working, it's probably
      because the system isn't being worked right. If you've
      ever had to make a schedule by hand, you'll love
      Stars. (It took me 2 hours to do 4 schedule units by
      hand one week. Stars, at the most, was a 30 - minute

      If the OM is cutting hours, it's because the Sales
      Manager is over budget. I used to do that all the time;
      if I couldn't justify my reason, the OM would swing
      her mighty ax.

      Not that it's bad. As a
      manager, I was inclined to have the greatest number of
      associates on the floor. As owner of payroll expense, she
      was obligated to make sure I was within

      It's a "check & balance". Sure, tempers flared more
      than once, but profitability ensued.

      Just my

    • I notice that you state the STARS "was" good for
      you. Sounds like you quit using it. I did forget one
      very minor detail. After STARS does its thing, the
      O.M. does his with a butcher knife. Then the Dept.
      Mngr. has to beg, plead and justify (sometimes to no
      As for my goals (MA's; PPP's; Sales per Hour
      and Credit Shares), I greatly exceeded all of them,
      yet the O.M. cut my hours (PT 18 to 20 in '99) in
      half, in '00, to "give the others a fair chance." It's
      the O.M that manipulates and has the final word on
      who works when; gets the most (in my case, least)
      hours, ect.
      I guess Sears had to put the dinosaurs

    • i used STARS for two years and found it easier to
      use than my memory when it came to scheduling. the
      process allows for manual adjustments and this was
      required way more often than it was supposed to be needed.

      BUT if your manager has to 'pen' people in they are
      not following the full STARS process or they are
      allowing associates to get out of shifts after the
      schedule is posted. this is against (except for cases like
      illness, death in the family, etc.) the STARS process
      rules & company policy.

      PS another possibility
      is your manager may not appreciate your abilities
      and is purposely allowing the schedule to come out
      that way. either way you slice it the manager (the
      STARS user) is responsible for what's coming out...

    • on my spellcheck. It's the new paulohl version.
      Ha Ha. But seriously folks, looks like S should come
      briefly out of the dumps. Better sell short before March
      1 though. Wish I could, but I'm an employee, so I'm
      stuck with it.

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