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  • shazaam_is_here shazaam_is_here Mar 19, 2013 2:00 PM Flag

    What to watch for

    Had an epiphany recently. In the not to distant future we should see a rise in the daily volume with upward SP pressure. Price should rise to around $4 or $5 rather quickly and then watch for an acquisition announcement at around $7 - $8. The value in the company remains in Mt. Emmons. The interested party has been working with the company for months. Next year the inflation genie gets out of the bottle and that will be very good for MOLY, NG and Oil prices.

    Shazaam is back - getting long and going to get longer! Let UBS hold er down for a bit longer.

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    • I long as management has been put out to pasture. Remember one thing : management is not your friend - only friendly analyts get answers.. Fire them Monday & the stock would be $ 3.00. i can hardly wait.

    • Shazaam I also had an epiphany recently. Keith was on the toilet bowl and all the PUDDING came out until there was nothing left and the way this company is being ruined there will be nothing left. You sound like Martin Luther, I HAD A DREAM.........You don`t get it, next year just gives management more time to eat more PUDDING.

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      • Barry - let em eat cake with the pudding! Added and adding more shares here. Soon I'll be eating pudding with them. You heard it from the Shazamm man - we are bouncing along the bottom. From here this stock is a KING maker! Bring on the Moly and lets get those buda wells going! Next year this time there will be a lot of "woulda, coulda, sholda" discussions on this thread. This elevator is going up! Most of the retail holders have left. Always a good sign - time is near!

    • EPIPHANY --- AS IN Vision ---- you have given me my laugh for the day --- and sir would you mind passing me some of that #$%$ that you are smoking, I wanna have some of those pipe-dreams too. LOL

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