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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Mar 2, 2014 7:48 PM Flag

    This board has more pumpers than

    most boards - congratulations you get to go on the red carpet. Small investors beware and do strong DD and don't get sucked in by stocks that run up based on illusion and collusion and pumpers. It may work out but beware. Boolean

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    • Booly, isn’t the management a tiny bit suspect? This is a management that wrote off $1,756,000 to get rid of a corporate aircraft.

      If the buda wells really pay off, how could common shareholders assume that management won’t plunder their financial assets again?

      It just doesn’t seem possible these pumpers would be long term shareholders, especially since they get so testy when asked a few questions.

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      • richard_mantz Mar 2, 2014 8:55 PM Flag

        So the company purchased a plane right around the time of the Bringham Deal, and then when they sold most of their interests in the Bakken to get the cash and pay off debt, they also got rid of the plane and you think that is plundering assets??

        What exactly is you idea of good management??

        This company's executives stated that they needed about five years to get the top line to $200 million and they will probably achieve that rate by the fourth quarter the way things are going. They have also stayed debt free and the news wells are pretty much self financing. My goodness, there is just recklessness all over the place.

        They got out of the Bakken when the rate of return dropped, and have stated they may leave it entirely if the rate of return drops some more to go to other places with a better return.

        They managed to not lose the mine in the downturn, all the while keeping the company debt free. and there is the outside chance of a $40 million payment in the next five years.

        Would hate to see what you think if they got the top line to $500 million and with all the additional oil bearing zones on this property that is not out of the question.

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