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  • jon6500 jon6500 Apr 18, 2000 11:21 AM Flag

    She's a gamer

    Coming back, up a half. Still praying though, I bet the farm on this one. Anyone have some good info?

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    • After listening to the conference call, it was
      apparent from the questions/answers that all the analysts
      were very excited by the quarter and the rollout for
      the next 6 - 12 months. When a stock goes up during a
      conference call, I have found that to be a superb long term
      indicator. After see the quarter and listening to the call,
      I cannot imagine that anyone would want to sell
      their HOLX at these price levels. It appears quite
      obvious to me that as more people discover this microcap,
      there will be many more buyers then sellers, thus, a
      higher stock price.

    • Just listened to the conference call. One word:

      This company is a home run just waiting
      to happen. IMO, without a doubt, DRC is worth well
      more then the $100 million market capitalization of
      HOLX. My guestimate would be more on the order of $500
      million for DRC alone. They have a superb and growing
      backlog and have hardly begun the selling game. They just
      signed their first national distributor for the retrofit
      portion of these sales, plates and systems are in
      addition to this. They will be doubling their sales force
      because they cannot cope with the existing

      Add to this a profitable bone densitometer business
      and $59,000,000 in cash.

      Bottom line: the
      market capitalization of HOLX will not remain at $100
      million much longer - a pending home run IMHO.

    • HOLX appears to be the ultimate long term hold. I see virtually no downside with absolutely unlimited upside and this Q2 earngins release greatly solidifies any doubts I may have had.

    • Happy to say I was dead wrong in my post
      yesterday. I was looking for a depressing quarter based upon
      the way the stock has been trading the past few
      weeks. Nothing depressing about this quarter, very
      upbeat across the board. There is nothing not to like
      that I see.

      I guess the recent HOLX stock
      activity was simply "the market" for medical tech which
      has been taking a beating. I know some colleages that
      want to accumulate more of this stock, IMO they may
      have missed their opportunity to buy incredibly cheap
      the past couple of days.

    • Agree with that assessment, I think we've just
      seen the lows this stock will ever see.

      impressed with the backlog on the new Delphi and even more
      impressed with the backlog on the new direct-to-digital
      radiographic products. Total backlog $14m, which the company
      states is a record, split 50/50 between old business and
      new business.

      Despite the very large
      investment being made, the company is doing a fine job
      maintaining its stockholder's equity. When DRC turns the
      corner, I believe we will be looking at a $50+ stock and
      the current stockholders will have a wonderful ride
      throughout 2000 and beyond.

      Looking forward to the
      conference call to verify my optimism.

    • The numbers are out - the quarter is MUCH better
      then I expected to see. Without DRC, the company would
      have made 5c per diluted share (in other words, the
      stock would be trading well over its $10 book value if
      investors understood what was going on here). R&D spending
      is very heavy. Terrific backlog on both the older
      core bone densitometer business and on the new digital
      x-ray as well. I think once this report is fully
      digested, we will see some large buyers stepping up to the
      plate over the next few weeks. Wonder if we'll be able
      to nibble at some more under $7 - doubt it...

    • Yes, check the Yahoo news - it lists the info on
      the conf call.

      What does everybody expect? I'm
      looking for results similar to Q1 -- $21m rev, 19c loss,
      with perhaps some annoucements on DRC (OEMs, etc..). I
      think the street is expecting crap based upon the stock
      price trading well under book and slightly over cash --
      so it sure looks like the bad news is factored into
      HOLX (as is normally the case). Would be tough for
      them to disappoint much further from this level! Any
      postives IMO would easily blow the stock over $10 -- if
      not this quarter (I'm not expecting it), then in Q3
      or Q4.

    • morning of the 27th

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