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  • lordr042960 lordr042960 Nov 27, 2005 3:02 PM Flag

    nrmhml's chart

    I prefer this one:,m200&a=m26-12-9&c=

    I'm neither a broker nor financial analyst, but here's what it looks like to me.

    1. Per MACD, the stock is just barely underbought.

    2. Per 50 day MA, trend is downward against the 200 day MA.

    3. 200 day MA parabolic trend has peaked and is beginning its downtrend.

    4. Initial support is at $2 or so, at the averaged top of the current uptrend.

    5. Support levels below 2 are few; there's a SLOPING DOWNTRENDED support line in the $1.75 to $1.50 range - once that's broken, support doesn't really reappear until the price is in the $0.80-$1.10 range.

    Anyone disagree with that analysis?

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    • Even though I have your posts on ignore I thought I would update you on the cost basis on ASTM. Now down to 2.28 and buying all stem cell stocks for the last week. Be well and pay attention you could have made alot of money if you had listened. ICE, UARM, GOOG, MCEL and the list goes on. If you would only buy something you could make some money. What will you discuss now?

    • >>I'm neither a broker nor financial analyst, >>but here's what it looks like to me.
      >>>Anyone disagree with that analysis?

      Moron, price of ASTM is governed by stem cell news and future progress in research but not by MACD, RSI and other useless charts for research Co's.

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      • A question for you.

        What do you think the following story headline, taken from the Merck Board's Headline section, will do to the biotech and medical sector over the short term?

        � UPDATE - Merck to cut 7,000 jobs, slash costs
        at Reuters (Mon 9:02am)

        And do you anticipate no biotech sector reaction to the story out of South Korea about research staff using their own eggs for human cloning research, or not?

        A wise man once said, "Show me the charts, and I'll tell you the news."