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  • ca.wavz ca.wavz Aug 2, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    HHH what a bunch of crapola

    If you believed in yourself and prediction you wouldnt have sold it so soon. YOU SOLD IT which says you thought it was done. Dont give us this B-S saying you predicted this. Your faith in astm ended at your two sells that averaged .38.
    Your big trade ended in a 3 cent profit HAHAHAHAHAHA you are a worthless pumping bagster that doesnt have a clue.
    Thats why you change IDs so much. Everytime this stock does a big dip you pop back in as a new guy with a new position.
    End of story and I remain LMAO at you! HA!

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    • .345 purchase to selling @ .41 & .38 was avg near .39 for over 13% profit a couple weeks ago(I posted this). Another example you spin facts. Not one thing you ever say about me is ever quoted correctly. And in the mean time I've been elsewhere making trades, so what you post or say means diddly. Making money here or somewhere is all that matters... And what do you do Wavz all this time??? You sit behind a computer arguing with everyone about idiotic drama & gay Gumby posts all day at a mesg board!! You don;t make money, you just sit around talking like an idiot being a useless human being. Your a useless & sad little board troll & everyone knows it.

    • I knew it!! I knew you would not admit one thing. You are revealed for whom you really are. And all you do is spin the subject with more lies. I've had the same ID here ever since May 2013, you idiot!! All these things i referred to, I wrote here in msg history with this ID ever since early summer. You are pathetic. And I explained everything, that this most rally caught me off guard, & that has nothing to do with that fact that I said from recent all time lows ASTM had a high probability for a short term trade above .50+ with 1.00 possible. Every time in the past when I said this, you trashed me & you said NEVER would happen--- those are the facts here & what is relevant. You try to spin it in every other way, but those facts are clear with my ID vs your CA.Wavz alias.... YOU CAN'T EVEN ADMIT THAT POINT WHICH YOU WERE WRONG ABOUT & you continue to spin lies about me with nonsense accusations about me. Reality is that you are not man enough to admit you were wrong about ASTM being a short term profitable trade this summer.... And to add to that, you lower yourself by lying more about me here again. You are lower than any slime ball on any msg board, that's a fact. You're so pathetic you can;t admit any fault, not any!!! And you lie to me about it & you make lies about me here again... You are slime! You have ZERO Honor in your msg board & obvious none in your sad pathetic real human life. And to call you a human is being kind. your a disgusting example of a human.

    • Me Too ! Bozo's Are Them !

      Sentiment: Strong Sell