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  • masterwallstreet masterwallstreet Aug 19, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

    To the CEO and management team

    In my opinion only, a very angry investor who took a bath on this stock who plans on putting out his opinion about the CEO and the management team. In my opinion only, you guys are overpaid and probably get stock options for free. If you believe in this company and product, take a pay cut and no bonuses until FDA approval. Put your money where your mouth is. Buy some shares on the open market which you own so very little of about 4%. Instead of ripping off the investors by doing a reversal split and diluting it and diluting it again. You diluted this stock twice in one week. You have the balls to ask investors to vote for a reversal split. You come with earnings 4 or 5 days late and no press release. Then you have a conference call on earnings 8 days later. You refuse to answer questions from investors for your actions. I find it to be very insulting and unprofessional. It is lack of integrity. I just do not understand your actions. In my opinion only I think you are incompetent to run this company and to get this company where it should be without ripping off the investors. How many shares do you own or get for free in bonuses? Maybe you should get paid for your performance. You guys do well you get paid well. You guys do badly, you get paid badly. I got burned from this turkey.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell