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  • kurtass6967 kurtass6967 Oct 14, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    Yahoo Board(s)

    One of the first things I do for DD in a new stock, is check out the message board. Real stocks, people do not live on these boards. Real investors may post something once in a while, usually factual information. When I go to a board and see the type of bickering that is going on here, it tells me two things: one, the stock is a gamble, either it will go up 15% in 90 days or not. If not, I am out and on to the next one. If it does go up 15% or more, I may sell half up to 80% of what I bought, and the rest for long, and leave, and maybe re-visit the stock in an additional 90 days to maybe buy more. Two, it tells me that whoever posts on the board leads a very sad, lonely life. And is doesn't matter if you are for or against the stock. Listen, if you post to this board more than once a week, let alone more than once a day, you my friend are a loser ... go and pray for the mind of Christ and enjoy the rest of the life God gives you, quit wasting your time in this worldly #$%$ ... I will check in in 90 days to see if any one listened or not ...