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  • fergadan fergadan Mar 2, 2011 5:15 PM Flag

    OT: LEI pain


    Sold 10,000 shares of LEI at $3 bucks for a $7000 profit, but LEI just keeps going up and looks like it might be another ROYL. Oh the pain....

    rspen you got any of that tequila and peyote left!

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    • ferg
      Yes, sundance will heal our pain. Adding as well. The constant sideways trading is frustrating for some, but it is opportunity to add. And, definitely, as you say, at $5 it won't matter.

      BTW, duh as in "oh man, I shoulda known that- duuuuhhh"; not as in "the man". lol

      Looking for other up and comers with Bakken and Niobrara land right now. Samson has spoiled me. Hope I find one.


    • I sold all at $2 because the the numbers they said they expected in dec were revised down last month by 75%. Be glad you are gone. $2 we be back given the way those clowns behave.

    • RSpen will tell you himself he found SSN because I was pumping it on the MHR board, but he still hates me anyway!!! LMAOF!!!!

      If I had his address I'd send him a bottle of Hose Cuervo anyway!!! Life is way too short to be as miserable as RSpen!!!

    • respen thinks he's a genius cause he found ssn cheap but he blew lei over and over, lol

    • RSpen, you're too busy finding the bottom of your tequila bottle to keep track of your won stocks never mind my picks. I have a knack for picking doubles and triples. I'm sure it's luck but sometimes it's better to be lucky than good! :)

    • Ferg, suspicion confirmed!

    • fergie - before you swallow Billy's love juices I suggest you follow his trades for a week or two.

      I like Billy but he is the typical New England Boston BS'er .. we all know one and here in SSN land we have Billy. My bet is he wears a gold chain on his left wrist, they all do. Oh come on Billy you know you do admit it - LMFAO

      Whatever - I live on the Pacific Ocean and don't relate to New Englander's sorry.
      K -bye

    • I did the same exact thing. I was way bitter after the fiasco from last week. After it topped off this morning I sold right before lunch. Didn't check it the rest of the day. Just checked it... I am trying to get my sobbing under control.

      Made a nice profit, but leaving money on the table can never feel good.
      But, I still don't feel confident in the management, which is what I keep comforting myself with while I sob.
      Live and learn.


    • well goldie,, I dont like you, as I think you`re arrogant and selfish.. BUT and a HUGE """BUT""".. I respect you, as present "investing" qualities that interest me.. I have been following bill g for a year and see no FA knowledge there.. Granted, your`s is not great either and I`m not the best, but you do come up with good suggestions.. Bill g`s is always a day late and a PENNY short( as in trader/penny flipper)..

      there were only TWO peeps here last year that BASHED DFW`s great FA analysis.. But I dont need to tell you that! as you know.. good luck to you my arrogant yankee friend.

      PS- I sold nearly 10X ferg`s measley 7k today in SSN...

    • got plenty left so stop by and we`ll get high and munch oh some smoked swamprat! hmm,hmm good.

      congrats to all LEI longs, but I`d feel much more comfy if that pr came from HC, if I were long..

      PS- sold 1/3 of SSN at 3.86 this a.m. It amounts to my investment plus some of the house`s money.. I sold this only due to the wkly,monthly charts and the resistance at $4.00.. I`ll prolly buy back here, or more sdcjf or more VOG..

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