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  • andyfagwell andyfagwell Mar 6, 2013 10:35 PM Flag

    I'm going to start my own oil company!

    Yes my very own O&G company.

    The first order of business is to incorporate this in the US and sell shares on the AX exchange. I plan on getting investors to sink money into a dream of a 100 bagger. Once I get these sucker's money I will buy land and I mean a bunch of land in a worthless play right next to the "Golden" Fairway in the Bakken. I may even go for it all in the Stockyard. I figure if I can't produce any oil I can raise a couple of head of cattle for the name would be a perfect fit. Anyway once this is accomplished I plan on getting a nice plush office in Denver. I mean downtown Denver in the high rent district next to all the investment firms that milk money out of hard working people dreaming of a 100 bagger. I will pay myself 2+ Million a year and line my directors and best sales team with 100's of thousands of US Dollars each. Then I will buy interest in wells like 1.25% and advertize the full production on the quarterly reports. My directors will be from Australia printing shares at .03 cents until the machines break. I mean they will be printing billions upon billions day in and day out. The names of my first few wells will be "Spirit of a Dream" and "Defender of the Production", "Cowboys Mothers Wish", Stockyard Dreams Broken" and "Max-well's Maximum Bend me Over" . Next will be a fleet of pickemup trucks so I can haul those measly barrels of production away in a flash. Don't worry I will have a few BBQ pit LP tanks to fill as well so I don't lose any precious production.

    Now how is that for a business plan? It has worked before and it will work again so what do you think?

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