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  • ntc_bada_bing ntc_bada_bing Jul 17, 2013 7:00 AM Flag

    I have a good stock tip..

    But every time I post something on this message board, the spammers follow me to the message board for the stock tip and post meaningless, useless, and completely false information on the msg board. Not to mention load up all the existing posts with thumbs downs, lol.
    It's funny that someone has so little to do with their life other than sit here and post absolute crud on message boards all day using different identities, carry on conversations with themselves, and feel the need to interfere with people who do want to have intelligent conversation. I have no idea if there is any truth to them getting paid to do so, although I highly doubt it, I think these are just individuals who suffer from some sort of mental illness.

    And another thought occurred to me, anyone still reading this message board is not actually interested in buying and selling stocks.. so what good does posting a potential pick do anyway?

    Best I can gather, there's 3 different people here using multiple ID's to talk amongst themselves and each other. Best of luck to you three.

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    • chinastockmanisthegoat chinastockmanisthegoat Jul 18, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

      NTC the best stock you ever had was to sell this POS and I think many investors thank you for that!

    • bing, good to see you still drop in from time to time. Your correct, this board is full of idiots lately. Funny thing is it seems to be happening more and more on other boards as well. Try and start an intelligent conversation, no matter the subject, and someone will post, or repost a thread a dozen times to disrupt it. Sad, I miss the good days here, be it about SSN, politics, or whatever we had some lively banter. Even managed to learn a thing or two along the way. Hopefully things, including SSN's production #'s will start looking up. According to zoom's updates, as well Andy's observations TB may be on the verge of turning this train around. I sincerely hope so, as there are some good people,ie rightwinger to name just one who are currently underwater and could use a change of fortune here. What's had your eye in the oil patch as of late? I've been out of the patch lately myself. A couple of bio stocks, but mostly holding cash. Later iffy.......

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    • Yeah I am sure to make a ton of money from a stock tip on an online chat forum by a guy named bada bing.

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      • There is tons of money to be made by conversation.. well, intelligent conversation anyway. The trick is learning how to listen.
        I guess you weren't part of this msg back when that took place here.. but the crowd that was here all bought SDCJF for .15 to .30.. .90 today.
        This same crowd rode ssn from .20's to $4.95..
        This same crowd is in a new stock now, and nowhere to be found on this msg board.. except a few remnants like myself who just like to bs from time to time.

    • Why don't you start a board, symbol called, PUMP. go to that board, pump your junk, and get the #$%$ off dis board.
      How bout that Not Too Cool? Scram.
      you sir are worthless.

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