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  • zoom_bee zoom_bee Jul 17, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    Bill "G" abong 2‐13‐14HBK Geo's

    I'm watching this one as "BillG" makes money. Going down
    KB ______ 2,467
    Pierre Sh _ 2,273
    Greenhorn 4,998
    Mowry ___ 5,399
    Dakota __ 5,841
    Lakota __ 6,160
    Swift ____ 6,302
    Rierdon _ 6,771
    Spearfish_ 7,690
    Opeche salt _ 7,862
    Tyler_____ 8,299
    Kibby Lime _ 8,883
    Charles Formation _ 9,035
    Base of Salt __ 9,736
    Ratcliffe ___ 9,818
    Mission Canyon _ 9,944
    Bluell ___10,010
    Lodgepole __10,528
    False Bakken __11,264
    Scallion __11,265
    Upper Bakken Shale _11,277
    Middle Bakken _11,296
    Middle Bakken Target _11,310

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    • Not sure I get the message here Zoom.

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      • Samson Oil last Op announcement. Samson Oil & Gas Limited (ASX: SSN; NYSE MKT: SSN) advises that it has commenced the necessary preparatory work to begin drilling operations on the Billabong 2-13-14HBK, which are expected to commence in the next 24 hours" Bill G is BillGlucek who was an avid financial guy on this board for years. Bill "G" would stay up all hours of the night answering the boards financial questions and providing advice. It looks like TB named wells after people in his last selection of well names. Blueduck and Billabong in this well pad look like Bluduckstein and Bill G who had out of the box good ideas. So with this the "Billabong" well will be financial luck as it's named after Bill "G" as he had crazy ideas and people made money off his advice. So please join in Billabong is the second of the two Bakken wells in the pad (Sail and Anchor and Billabong while the two Three forks formation well are Blueduckstein and Blackdog.

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    • What does all this mean?

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