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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Aug 13, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    I never trust a person who wants more taxes. Part 1

    Just pointing out the documented facts once again. 10/31/ 2011

    DENVER — At a wine-and-cheese reception in his office here, Terry M. Barr, president of Samson Oil and Gas, made a pitch to industry executives to donate to the Republican Party of Colorado so that they could defeat President Obama and elect more Republicans at the federal, state and local levels.
    Terry M. Barr supports the so-called millionaires' tax, which would increase his bill.

    After his guests left, Mr. Barr offered a surprising postscript: He agrees with a proposal by Congressional Democrats to impose a surtax on income over $1 million a year.

    Republicans in Congress deride the proposal for a so-called millionaires’ tax as class warfare. But in an interview, Mr. Barr said, “Wealthy people in the U.S. should be paying more tax, and I’m one of them.”

    Mr. Barr, a petroleum geologist who said he made $1.2 million a year, described himself as a staunch conservative, and said his views of tax policy reflected his fiscal conservatism.

    “The United States needs a tax increase for the sake of its fiscal health,” Mr. Barr said. “If you fight two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you have to pay for them. China owns a trillion dollars of U.S. government debt. That’s not a healthy position for us to be in. We have to suck it up and pay more tax to help get rid of the deficit. I would pay more tax. I can afford to.”

    But the affluent are not of one mind.

    Ann L. Brown, president of New Vista Image, a digital graphics company in Golden, Colo., said: “I believe in the American dream. I don’t want to destroy it by taxing those who are successful. The millionaires’ tax would penalize the very people who make our economy grow, including many small-business owners. I think we already pay a fair share of the taxes.”

    Those divergent views define the battle lines on an issue that has moved to the center of political debate this fall. The Democrats’ campaign for a millionaires’ tax will resume when the Senate returns

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