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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Aug 20, 2013 1:50 PM Flag

    This is how the whole thing will shake out.

    1. Current share holders will get burned like they have for the past few years because of this new dilution.
    2. New share holders may actually do well on this if they buy down to the level this is going to sell for. .20?
    3. Slawson will make something happen.
    4. TMB will sit back collecting his big salary and never think twice about the shareholders who bought this for the past few years.
    5. Dollar cost averaging will not work and folks like Jiimy and his 300K+ shares monopoly money will continue to pump and pump.
    6. Looks like Zoom and Andy have left as well as many other pumpers through the years.
    Now it's down to a whole new group of investors to pump and of course Jiimy.
    7. Think about the payday for the share holders of 3.3Billion shares of stock and how this oil is divided up over 3.3Billion shares. Will it be 1000BOED or 2000BOED it doesn't matter there are to many shares and that is what happens when companies continue to print shares.
    8. Get a clue this company will never be nothing more than life support for the management!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Since I can't participate on a day to day basis posting to this message board like others I thought having a little time on my hands I would bring this older post back up. I posted this several months ago and checking with the non-performance of the stock since then I can see it has gone nowhere. Not only that from the press releases I understand they (SSN) has basically handed off 50% of the interest in the best thing they had going to Slawson. I don't expect a bow or applause for my articulated article above from the usual pumpers like Andy or Jimmy or even Zoom, but this is all unfolding just like I posted back in August.

      Bottom line too many shares outstanding and now 1/2 of the production went to Slawson. I feel for those who intrusted this operation and could care less about these paid pumpers who have duped the uneducated into this equity.

      All of course IMHO

      And still rated by me as The Strongest Sell In The Oil Patch!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • andymaxwell Oct 11, 2013 10:18 PM Flag

        it's a shame that loganwipe cannot stop pooching those bleeding roids out over bashing Samson because he is going to end up bleeding to death push push push push poochie. don't forget 29 wells have not been completed yet in Williams county nd bakken and 3 forks. and hawk springs and south prairie. you are just another in a long line of lying sak os basher frauds that deserve a huge human dump left at your back door. use the pooper scooper if you have one - it's easier than using your teeth...

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Stick it Logan!,

      • Bottom line I paid .47 today's close is .5069 = +7.3%.

        The market doesn't care about your 1 thru 8 nor your 'I am right' post.. neither does my money. At worst I'm beating a 1,000,000 CD interest rate by x2 at best this goes up a penny and I'm beating it by 2.5x's.

        Get a clue logan..

    • If yours going Aussie,...go with SDCJF. This is nothing more than playing poker and hoping for a straight flush in hopes of hitting the jackpot. Just speculating now,... If dilution is happening again, I would still not buy at .20

    • I agree, I think the officers are milking the Company to make sure their life style is not impacted a bit. What does TMB make around $500,000 a year? No bad for a company with no profits and millions of $$$ in the ground without any return to speak of. On top of that SSN paid $800,000 to their auditing firm , whew , my Company has worldwide locations ( Europe ,Asia and NA ) and we do not pay anything close and our revenue is $3 billion USD

    • Logan what would we do without you guiding us daily? I'm glad you have no shares but feel the need to enlighten us. LOL

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