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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Aug 31, 2013 8:46 PM Flag

    A easy analogy of how much oil SSN produces

    For Andy , Chrispy, Jiimy, Skull-boy and others pumpers lets first define the word analogy:

    "A comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification."

    OK now that you are educated Andy and the rest of you pumpers lets take a quick look at how much water flows from a normal household spigot. 10 gallons per minute is the average flow from a spigot. Now when we look at gallons of oil in a US and Imperial barrel we have 42 gallons. In order to do the correct math we look at Samsons average barrels of oil produced a day from the July 31st report. That amount is roughly 145 Barrels of oil per day.

    (In this educational post we are not including BOD/E which would include the gas they are producing and that will be highlighted in another post called "how many bottles of propane for the BBQ can SSN fill in a day")

    So back to the analogy of oil produced per water flow from your house. We have 145 BOD X 42= 6090 Gallons per day.

    Now 10 gallons per minute x 60 minutes = 600 gallons. 6090 gallons of oil / 600 gallons of water per hour = 10.15 hours of flow of oil through a water hose.

    So the next time you water your yard for 10 hours you equaled the equivalent flow in gallons of what SSN is producing today. Just plain pathetic oil production is what you have folks!

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    • Log - not a good idea to put Cowboy fans on the line as they are number one in the money.

      The top 10 moneymaking teams are:
      1. Dallas Cowboys
      2. New England Patriots
      3. Washington Redskins
      4. New York Giants
      5. Houston Texans
      6. New York Jets
      7. Philadelphia Eagles
      8. Chicago Bears
      9. Baltimore Ravens
      10. San Francisco 49ers

      Zoom is a NE season ticket holder and travels 600 miles back to see the boys during the season and it's tough being second each year. So hat's off to the Cowboys and girls they are still # 1.

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      • zoom.. I lived in dallas for ten years.. the reason the Cowboys bring in so much money, there's a law in Dallas cit limits that if the Cowboys are playing, you must be wearing Cowboy gear and watching the game. If you don't follow the law, your friends will turn you in.. it's a pretty serious offense too!

        I'm from H-town, spent time in Dallas.. back in H-town now. I'm one of the few Dallas / Texans fans. Don't know why it is, but Dallas seems to hate Houston and Houston seems to hate Dallas..

    • BEANS!!!!
      how many BOEs does the avg person pass daily??? I think TB should look into growing BEANS as it would enhance production of boe s... Just shove a bottle up andy`s arze and watch the BOEs soar...

    • andymaxwell Aug 31, 2013 9:03 PM Flag

      loganwipe seeing as though you are a member of the exposed lying pos basher fraud fool team on this board be advised that NOTHING you have to say to the samson shareholders is worth a cheeut. do yourself a favor and wipe your bloody with the remaining cheeeut paper from last night's nightmare in the emergency room after Odessa Permian got their kicked and stop pushing the short so hard fool. "clean up the stooge after the game in the ER - doctor howard doctor fine doctor howard"....

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      • Andy, really "High School Football"? I haven't watched or kept up with that for years fool. What I did watch though was the annihilation of the Texans putting on your Cowgirls the other night. Wow over 1 Billion spent on that stadium and your owner looks like a bigger fool now than when he released Jimmy back in the day.

        Sorry if I offended you with your #1 sport being high school football, but most men left this many years ago LOL.

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