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  • logantrader1960 logantrader1960 Sep 17, 2013 9:02 PM Flag

    Did anyone read the annual report posted on the Samson Web Site today?

    The sad fact of this whole picture is you never hear anyone on this board commenting on the companies quarterly or annual reports. Case in point today on the Samson Web Site there is the annual report listed which is 79 pages of information which I believe is factual and stamped with the auditors approval. The disturbing fact is that most of the investors in these type equities are clueless in how to read one of these reports yet alone interpret the fine lines of verbiage. For the most part I feel most non-institutional investors are driven by the hype of the news articles showing production figures etc and going with the flow of what they read on these message boards.

    Not surprising to real investors this actually traded higher just a few days ago with no production news that was posted yesterday evening.

    So I believe what happened today was a mixed bag keeping the stock in check. No doubt the best production news this one has seen in several years, but under the microscope not really exciting if one knows the true decline rates, percentage of the wells invested in, and costs associated in this type of operation. It was pretty disturbing to me some of the items that were in this report. Without posting this information on the board with my own interpretations I encourage any real investors thinking about purchasing these share to read the report if they can and if not get a real investor to help them through the document. The last thing you want to do is to believe what you read on a message board and trade on that information.

    Again I believe what Samson posted today is true and factual, but you better read it and get a better idea of what is really happening with the overall stock and corporation.

    The easiest way to get there on Yahoo Finance is:
    Profile, Company Home Page, Investor Relations, 17-Sept-2013 Annual Report

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    • Oh most wise one, I am so humbled by your continued presence on a board of which you apparently have no vested interest. For if you were not around to share your wisdom, even though you have no vested interest, so many trading accounts would perish. But you - YOU - so humbly give up your time, even though you have no vested interest, to point us meek and lowly traders in the correct direction. I am in awe of your compassion on us.

    • Iam out,held this stock for a year,and have seen zero growth,going to TNEN,looks good,a Texas company.maybe they know how to get oil out of the ground

    • Stock has dropped .11c from Sept 17th, 2013. Sail and Anchor now producing 130 BOE/D which way under the original decline rates / estimates.

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    • R U kidding me? the only thing these pumpers can read is the amount of tampons the wife has on the grocery list they have to pick up tonite!


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    • Just as I suspected nobody, not even one can or will comment on the annual report yet alone read it without good feedback on what is really going on with SSN.

      Sorry I thought you guys were more into investing, debates, but I guess my thoughts all along were correct that what I'm seeing here is just a bunch of penny ante players dreaming of making it big with a few hundred shares investing in a garbage stock.

      Case Dismissed!

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      • logan, you gotta be kidding me! You post a long winded post referencing 'real investors' and an annual report with 'disturbing facts' which is 79 pages long and your opinion of 'what happened today.' What exactly in your long post did you expect a reply to? Specifically which part of the 79 page report were you referencing that you would like to discuss? What you did was post unsubstantiated conjecture and what you got in reply was unsubstantiated conjecture.

        If you are indeed in to 'investing, debates' then I suggest you post more than 'penny ante players dreaming of making it big with a few hundred shares investing in a garbage stock.'

        Or, we can discuss and debate the only fact you posted about the annual report, which was that it is 79 pages.

        Thank you sir may I have another..

      • Just as I suspected. Words and nothing to back up those words. Gave you a chance "real investor" to enlighten us on your statement about the increase in share price with no production but you couldn't do it and now you turn your back and blame it on everyone else's ignorance just like Obozo to the US citizenry.

    • andymaxwell Sep 17, 2013 9:27 PM Flag

      loganwipe the sad fact is I am being morphed into a message board freak/wizard by lying sak os basher fraud bi-polar skitzos but you will always be a lying sak os basher fraud. this is reality. fool. Samson nri in the s&a changes material assets in the company. shareholders know the difference between unproven estimated reserves and PROVEN reserves. all it took was the s&a 1760 bopd production value. and the probability of 13 more nsy in-fill bakken and 3 forks wells completion production and reserve value. not to mention the permitted rainbow drillsite test well and the 15 other prospect wellsite locations. times runnin out on your rectal bleeding problems poochie. try and have a nice evening...

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    • Still waiting "real investor"

    • Give us your "disturbing facts" with page numbers.

    • Why in the hell was " It was pretty disturbing to me some of the items that were in this report"? LOL!!!!!! You've forcast this or worse scenarios continuously. Do you expect anyone to believe that what you post is in any way due to your altruistic nature? XXXX forgive them, for they know not what they do. You're one H of a martyr

    • Not surprising to real investors this actually traded higher just a few days ago with no production news that was posted yesterday evening. So real investor why no surprise? Enlighten us.

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