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  • jiimyrateiscrap jiimyrateiscrap Aug 21, 2014 5:05 PM Flag

    All i am giving Vern is

    A daily dose of heart disease. Eventually I will have eliminated Vern of natural causes created from my stress, his interest paid on his sideways short, and the cholesteroll in the cat food.


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    • a clogged artery, deservedly so.

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    • Vern-I am slowly dismantling your lies. After I pull Zombie (possibly) into court with the help of the SEC for violating the imposter laws for benefit, you may be perhaps, my next crony to take down. Funny how Zombie has not impersonated me now in 2 weeks?!! He knows he is a sitting duck, and messed up. The Subpoena has not even been delivered as of today per Yahoo's legal. Yahoo is slow, but I can wait for it to be served.

      Vern keep posting, I am taking notes.

      HAVE a great weekend VERNY.

      ***YAHOO FLAG***

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      • Jiimy, the paranoid lawyer that spends all of every day protecting the "less than 5%" of the portfolio on the Yahoo Message Board from any negative posts. The wonder investor who threatens legal action from Yahoo to others using different spellings of a fake name Jiimy is already using to try to pump the pps of this stock up. A possible greedy insider who can make amazing claims of a $0.10 rise in the pps and just a few days later it happens, and then boasts to the Yahoo Message Board of the boat load of cash made on the rise. A hidden poster who fails to provide the board with a real name and a real location where the claims of jurisprudence can be verified.

        I'm wondering if the other Jiimies who are posting are not you too Jiimy.

        Are you a schizo Jiimy?

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