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  • andersonbrian33 andersonbrian33 Oct 12, 2013 10:29 AM Flag

    Closes Below 20 DMA, Insider Selling, Short Interest Up

    All simple facts.

    FTK goes down in a huge upswing last two days.

    I wont even talk about the excessive valuation.

    I am now short.

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    • Could you explain where you calculate and obtain the 20 DMA from? Did you mean Day Moving Average? Would DMA alone be a safe decision marker for shorting or also do you use other entities?I really appreciate it. DT.

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      • IMO technicals or DMA by itself are not "safe" to use in shorting, it is just one more tool. I am a fundamental energy investor, I short based on what I see in the industry.

        And to get moving average is very simple, use Yahoo go to the stock chart, hit 3 mos or 6 mos and you will see above the char a rows of drop downs, one it "technical indicators" hit that and fill in whatever range of moving avgs u want, could not be more simple.

    • I wont even talk about the excessive valuation.

    • No, not that easy. I have watched this stock since 2007. This is a growth stock. Shorting it is a mistake, specially in large numbers or worse of all margin. Stay long and hold and don't worry for $1.5-2.0 drops(more I will sell). It will jump back up due to it strong base and demand. I see $40 easily in 1 year in this. Jumping in and out will cause extra tax and commision. Goof luck.

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      • No right now making money in my short, took the proceeds and bought some E&Ps, PXD and AMZG on the $1.70 deal, both up huge and will continue to move up on a relative basis versus FTK. You had one of the biggest days on Wall Street and a monster day for energy and FTK couldn't even get about $23 and you are talking about $40 in a year? You totally pulled $40 out of your #$%$, I know it, you know it.

        Funny, you say "No, not that easy" with my short ideas, what is "not the easy" is to keep holding a stock after it has made it big move, gone from undervalued to overvalued yet still think it is going higher. I don't see one, not one bull here talking about the competition and what they are doing, it is clear to me that the FTK bulls here don't know what is going on with FTK's competition. You all should do some homework.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • FTK always trades this way. Could be a program. It is always late to drop and late to recover. Could also be a mark down (inducing sales) by MMs trying to replenish inventory before the stock firmly turns up. If VIX breaks 24-26 nobody escapes correlation. Other than this, what TM said.

    • Welcome Aboard !! Last week's moves in FTK were sector bias moves ... check out the comps on others in FTK's SIC. "Insider selling" .... nothing more than normal ... as one would expect with such a strongly performing equity. Just watch, FTK and it's related sector will move higher.

      Surely enjoy having some shorts participate on this Board. It's been quiet for the past 30 days! Over the past 24 mos. (since the $8-$9 range) we've seen 3-4 waves of shorts come onto this Board and state how "over-valued" FTK was. When prompted none of them understood either the Macro-industry or micro-unique competitive factors associated with FTK. They were trying to trade of some basic core "valuation" metrics and historical trends. Save your "excessive valuation" brilliance ... we've heard all the "expertise" for the past 18 mos.!

      Well for us who know this industry very well and have been thru this "play" for years (let alone graduated from the heralded halls of Princeton & Wharton) we need you shorts -- we seriously enjoy your "wisdom" ... and most specifically -- BONING your amateur humps!!

      Let us know Brian where we can send you a vat of grease --- could the FTK pole will inevitably be jammed up your * SS !!! .... Just like your predecessors!!


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      • Give'em hell Charles. We've been following you over the past 2 years and you've done very well. Keep searching out the winners. Thx.

      • So sad you have to resort to childish, vulgar insults,

        "Let us know Brian where we can send you a vat of grease --- could the FTK pole will inevitably be jammed up your * SS !!!"

        Regardless, I really don't care what happened to the stock over the past 24 months or how many shorts came or went here, totally irrelevant. So you went to Princeton and Wharton, good for you, is that what you have to do to elevate your ego, brag about how much $ you have made here and where you may or may not have gone to school. Small little person you are indeed.

        You don't supply one good reason to own the stock beyond the fact it has gone up in the past, in other words your response for my purposes was totally worthless except one data point for one bullish investor that has no clue.

        Actually I know the oil patch very well and more importantly know oil service valuations and the competitive landscape FTk is going to face. How anyone in the right mind can actually believe FTK deserves a premium over SLB is laughable.

        Yes I am short and already making good money. I read the Global Hunter report and talked to the analyst, even he admits his premium is a bit excessive but is sticking buy it. His $25 price target with a "Overweight" is a very poor risk/reward im, not even 10% upside to that target.

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