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  • fgnoms fgnoms Nov 4, 2002 7:44 AM Flag

    Tell us the truth


    This Rolf Stahel resignation or sacking is very disturbing and the shareholders deserve to be told the truth. Why should we be kept in the dark? This is price sensitive information and should be disclosed. Rolf has proved to have had the midas touch on a number of occasions and his resignation in my opinion is a massive blow to the Company. But all we hear is a total load of crap from Cavanaugh and Nordmann - do they really expect reasonably intelligent shareholders to believe them? Tell us the truth and then at least we can come to our own conclusions as to whether the non-execs have a death wish or whether BioChem was one acquisition too many.

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    • The UK press has been full of this over the past few days, and look what is happening now, FGNOMS!

      We've got Jimmy-bob Cavanaugh coming over to the UK to kiss and make-up with the UK investors. Thats what! - Wheeee!

      We should be very grateful that Jimmy-bob was good enough not to have his board meeting in Canada, but to come to the UK, to the GLOBAL Head Quarters of Shire, so that he can meet with key shareholders.....unfortunately, that does not mean you & me.

      Well, I hope that the big boys give this condescending S.O.B a damn good kicking, to take back to the non-execs....and while they are at it, ask him exactly at what stage was he, and Bear Stearns, going to declare their respective interests in Medipointe?

      Finally, At what stage are the now leaders of Shire going to inform their shareholders of exactly what their plans are, and when do we get to give them a vote of NO CONFIDENCE?

      all IMO of course...