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  • shiretart shiretart Dec 9, 2002 12:54 PM Flag


    That Shire are to buy Elan / Powderject / Celltech....

    .....Or that J&J are to buy Shire.

    At todays price - which is a 3 yr low - IMHO Shire are more likely to sell-out than to buy.....isn't that what The Board are really looking for ? isnt that why they have knifed Stahel in the back?..Remember, the fall in stock value was 'his fault'

    C'mon Nordmann, you've suddenly gone quiet. Speak up boy, we can't hear you out here.

    What are you doing for your investors, apart from sitting on your intelect?

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    • SHPGY keeps going lower and lower-is there an end in sight? With Strattera and multiple other entries into the ADHD market ADDERAL LA will face continued increased strong competition from both scheduled and nonscheduled alternatives. No one can honestly dispute this. Would someone contemplate switching from ADDERAL LA to Strattera-you bet ya.