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  • georgemcbush georgemcbush Feb 18, 2003 9:22 AM Flag

    adderall XR /strattera sales

    ..any news on the above from IMS (or whoever)by way of an update on the above. Rumor has it strattera is going like a rocket!

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    • Accept not that which was not offered nor implied. Simply reiterating what i said in the first place.

    • .... an honourable climb down-I accept your apology!

    • fosrenol was delayed, going to launch this year.

      uphill battle vs strattera remains to be seen, one will only know in the future. large sales erosions haven't happen as of yet.

      enough talking, place your bet. share price imo has been depressed beyond reasonable, a significant rise from here will happen.

    • It always remains sensible to keep an objective unemotional view of things in this sector. One can often get sucked into the cheerleading that accompanies a company like Shire without fully understanding or questioning the issues that face it. Dangerous enough if you an investor-more so if you are an employee whose livelihood depends on such a business.

      Statements of fact- Fosrenol has been severely delayed to date and Adderall XR faces an uphill task to stop serious market share erosion-to state otherwise would be delusional. Are you stating otherwise?

    • georgemcbush says, "You seem to be very sure of the launch date of Fosrenol and refer to Shire as "we"-you may wish to think about insider trading issues when addressing the board next time."

      Maybe we should remind some of the big mouths in Cincinnati of this. Loose lips sink ships and there are plenty of loose lips at the corporate office. The information that I provided is well known by many there. It was originally leaked by a member of management. So with regard to insider trading do they stone the weak link in the management chain or the person who posted the information?

    • Mr. Happy,

      Fortunately i actually can spell IQ. Amazingly enough, i can also count to 10, which ironically, sounds like it is within a digit of your IQ. Unless of course IQ means Idiot Quotient to which case your score would be exceedingly high. Hope your neuron can follow along. When are you returning to your village for a visit? I'm sure they miss you as their idiot. :)

    • I think your prediction, pharma_dood, of mass exodus of reps and scripts is coming through. Perhaps it will hold off until the end of March, when bonuses and retention dollars are paid for the original XR launch. After that, the recruiters will be in business. It does appear Straterra is gaining ground, with what looks like many of those scripts coming from XR patients.

      The "We Lie Lilly" is quite comical - they don't apparently have mirrors in Cincinnati. I have never figured out what they are referring to as lies, when everything Shire counters the Lilly product with is stated in black and white in the PI.

    • The flow of information has always been a challenge with Shire, both inside and outside the company. I mean you are talking about a company where the timing and location of your manager's vacation is a confidential secret guarded by a curse similar to that of King Tut.

      I would be more concerned about the perforamance of Adderall XR versus Strattera and I wouldn't forget about the fact that Concerta is still on the top of the heap.

      Shire has always been an ADHD company and always will be, so Shire will only goe as far as XR can carry them.

      The word on the street is that alot of Strattera's scripts are coming from switches from XR to Strattera. Just something to watch for because as long as Lily's market share grows as a result of new patients or switches from other products i.e. Concerta, Focalin, Ritalin LA, Metadate, or gen methylphinidate Shire should weather the storm.

      Good luck!

    • I am struggling slightly with your broken English.I think my point is quite logically made and is relevant to Shire investors.

      are you really saying that Shire can move its own deadline by nearly two years and that following such move there isn't a delay anymore because they told us. analogy your stand at a train station awaiting the 10.00am train,the station announces its going to be five hours late -the train then duly arrvies at 3pm-no delay according to you because they moved the time and let you know-tell that to the passengers!

      Can you spell IQ?

    • I am with Mr Happy as thats the statement in
      the public domain-Shire is well behind its timeline as per the 2000 10K and we have not had an adequate explanation as to why.

      You seem to be very sure of the launch date of Fosrenol and refer to Shire as "we"-you may wish to think about insider trading issues when addressing the board next time.

      History,as ever, will make fools of some of us in due course-but always good to read lively debate!

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