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  • mk_iia mk_iia Mar 14, 2003 1:23 PM Flag

    Whats' new with the CEO?

    Hey said:

    "Whoops, he has an undergraduate degree from Fairly Dickinson. Today, that would get you a great job in the executive sales training program at Macy's. I guess over the ocean, they aren't familiar enough with the schools to know that that is not an impressive school."

    Fair deal....but did you realise that the famous & popular Ronald Nordmann is also a graduate from Fairly Dickinson.

    Does this mean that the Shire board is collecting academically second division players?? - or do you think this is something to do with 'Old School Tie?'

    BTW. Anyone looked at the listing of board members on the Shire web site. Not very impressive the way that they are reporting Stahel & his achievements!

    "so quickly, he becomes yesterdays man"