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  • asaprxrep asaprxrep Oct 4, 2003 2:39 PM Flag

    Adderall XR vs Strattera

    I heard that the market share for Adderall XR hasn't really changed much in the past few weeks but that Concerta had dropped a little. Shire keeps saying that once these kids on Strattera get their school grades and the parents realize that their kids aren't paying attention in school like they were on XR that the sales for Adderall XR will rebound.

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    • yawn,yawn,ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.......

    • Do you really know how to read or do you just assume you know more about what the writer intends to say than they do because I NEVER said there were head to head studies between Strattera and Adderall XR. I do know that Shire has been encouraging doctors to test their patients with the Conners Global Index Scale Parents version for Adderall XR and compare the results to Strattera or any other product they may be tried on.
      Since it will take some time to do a true head to head study at least this way doctors can get a feel for what is working best in their patients. Keep in mind that time is of importance because children�s future is on the line as their grades will be wrapped around them the rest of their life. Novartis has done a head to head study vs. Concerta and there has even been a study comparing Metadate CD and Concerta BUT WHERE IS STRATTERA VS ANYBODY? Lilly had this product in development for a long time and they have how many studies vs. the competition??? Oh, I am not being fair because they developed this drug to be an antidepressant and gave up on it.

      You seem to have a hard on about this subject considering you are on the Shire website. I think most people would like to know if you have ties to Lilly or their products..... I just wonder?????????????

      What is interesting is that given that Adderall was the market leader before the launch of Adderall XR why is it that Lilly choose not to compare Strattera to the Adderall molecule. In fact Lilly took great care not to do any studies that would enable someone to even try and compare efficacy between Strattera and either Adderall or Ritalin based products.
      By the way as I'm not a Shire rep the FDA can spend all the money and time it wants going hunting for reps talking about Adderall XR and Strattera.

      Considering that the following message that was posted on the Lilly website and other messages of peoples opinion about a company or its product why do you try and threaten a possible legal issue to the writers on these websites?

      Mercury Poisoned Autistic Lilly kids,
      by: gods_perfect_child 05/03/03 10:39 pm
      Msg: 13722 of 14995

      vaccines neurologically poisoned children with mercury by lilly. So to poison children with mercury vaccinations. Why aren't the CEO, BOD and Officers of lilly hung in the world court in trials for genocide and mass poisoning of children? Infantacide is your way to earn a dollar? This profit will torment you and burn holes in your hands

    • It will not bother me as for the third and final time I am not a Shire employee!!!!! I have the right to post me opinion all I want. It is my opinion that when the dust clears the majority of patients will be seen to do better on written exams on Adderall XR than Strattera. Of course there is no independent head to head study but there are plenty of doctors who can show the results of patients they have switched from one medication to another and to the victor go the spoils. Everything I know about ADHD medications tells me that it�s going to be Adderall XR in the victory circle. Mr. H thinks that I'm a Shire sales rep who would go running scared at the thought of mean old Lilly or the FDA but its well within my right to post my opinion.

    • you are saying that there have been head to head studies between straterra and Adderall XR linked to exam results.

      News to me sport (and I would guess Shire and Lilly too!!)-where can I find these-other than in your rather delusional rep's head.

    • I see the happppppy man has posted you on the Lilly yahoo board-its a sleepy board but even so Lilly may see your post-whoops-I hope you posted from an internet cafe-if not the Feds could be calling!!!

      Mr H-shame on you!

    • I was just wondering how that Large hat tastes? I guess we will just have to find out about the grades won't we. Have you never heard of a person believing in a product even though they don't sell it themselves? Sometimes the most passionate are those that have used the medication themselves or people close to them and therefore done lots of investigation on the subject. Tell us Mr Happppy have you read the studies on Strattera and Adderall XR or are you just talking with your mouth full of crap. I have read the studies and know them because the subject is important and once again I am not an employee of Shire or a relative of an employee so don�t even go there again. Now you move on @#$%^&*!!!!!

    • good to see you now admit you are spouting anecdotal crap and if you are not a sales rep at Shire I will eat my rather large investors move on.

    • Are you saying that the only thing that comes out of pharmaceutical sales reps mouths is info that is from phase IV studies or some independent statistical evidence? What I'm saying is that there is a lot of talk by most sales reps in the pharmaceutical industry about products where there isn't your dream world fantasy of phase IV studies proving their comments one way or another.
      Don't tell me that doctors won't believe anything unless it's backed up in a study. I�ve seen doctors tell me they tried a medication on one and only one patient and because they claim the product didn�t work they wouldn�t use it again. Keep in mind that this doctor had several partners who used my product first line and had great success for thousands of patients but this doctor was basing his decision on ONE patient. Have you ever heard of a reputable study that only involved ONE patient? Hell NO!!!
      I've lost so much respect for doctors because of how some choose the medication for their patients, such as admitting that they choose a medication that�s less efficacious because it keeps the patient coming back to their office so they can make more money on office visits. Yes doctors are perfect and never make decisions about medications unless it's backed up by Phase IV studies or independent statistical evidence. Can you say dream world? I've seen doctors write scripts for company's "B" product simply because they were giving company "A" all the business in another class of product even though they admit company "A" had the best product for the patient in both categories. I've seen doctors admit that they were only writing a product that month because the rep had asked for special help that month with their sales. The sad thing is so many of doctors write based on whether or not they like the rep and not based on the best medical decision for the patient. So no I don�t have any evidence that a lot of patients won�t do as well on Strattera as they did on Adderall XR, but that still doesn�t mean it isn�t the truth. I just don�t believe in Strattera as first line and I think that most doctors are finding out that it doesn�t work as well as stimulants whether its Ritalin based or Adderall XR.

    • if Shire/its reps keep saying this then they are going to spend a lot of time in court getting their ass chewed off by lilly.

      A pretty stupid strategy without hard and fast statisitical evidence.

      Don't poke the tiger he might bite!

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      • The FDA will never repeat never come down on Shire for reps saying that they think that students will not do as well on Strattera as Adderall XR. First of all its damn near impossible to prove and second the FDA has bigger fish to fry than this. The big companies trash each other's products all the time and there is never any pushback from the FDA or lawsuits. Get real besides Lilly isn't about to waste its time in a lawsuit either.