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  • gladpick gladpick Jul 14, 2005 1:16 PM Flag

    I posted this on TKTX board

    As a Shire shareholder
    by: gladpick 07/14/05 12:59 pm
    Msg: 6843 of 6843

    Please vote against the buy out. You see, the day the buy out was announced my Shire shares dropped $3.50 and to this day it has not recovered much of that loss. I am sure the reason for such a steep loss is because Shire management is paying too much for your TKTX shares. I figure if you vote against the buy out the market will give us back what we lost when the announcement was made.

    There are lots of other biotechs we can buy with the money our managment is planning to pay for your shares.
    Nevertheless i voted my shire shares FOR the buy out.(>:)

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    • Thanks for the advice. You raised some good points about genz. I think I 'll stay away. i will look at your other suggestions.

    • Hard to say because genz is trading more like a blue chip biotech in league with amgen, genentech and biogen idec. Hasn't always been that way. Still i can't imagine paying anything over $58 for it but it is doubtful that genz will fall that far.

      Looking at the potential competition from shire + transkaryotic i would be very leery about taking a position in that stock now. Especially with a price to sales ratio almost double that of shire. Too many other good opportunties out there and as you said termeer and the board are not the most shareholder freindly bunch.

      Look at endo, cephalon, king pharma and a cardiac device maker called edwards lifescience. All better buys and very cheap.


    • As of now genz is down almost $4 from its high of the year. At what price do you think GENZ is a buy? My thinking is low 60's what do you think? Thanks

    • You are right on the button. I am glad I sold my shares especially since it got hit both yesterday and today. If you did not read the motly fools' analysis of the effect of stock options henry and his buddies give themselves it would make a good reading. The article says if they expeense thee options genz would not show any profits.

    • No worry now because shire is going to kick some genzyme butt with our line of lysomal products and fosrenol.

      We certainly don't have to worry about shire adopting a tracking stock type structure. Now we know that will never work.


    • <<But you don't dislike him enough to stop trying to make a buck on the company he runs. What a fraud.>>
      I am not in the market to practice your standards of conduct. There are lots of investors who dislike a companiy's management or even products and yet invest in its stock if they think they can make a buck. I am not in a church-- I am in the stock market.

      BTW I sold all my GENZ shares yesterday. Be my guest though and continue your profound praise for termeer and his cronies but my suggestion is watch out how they divy up all the profits to themselves in term of stock options.

    • Gladpick i agree in principle that we can find comparable value elswhere. We are not desperate to make this deal. Still i think that much of the outrage when the deal was first announced came from those who didn't understand tktx's business and did not understand lysomal storage disease. They looked at that one product, replagel and assumed that was most of what shire was getting.

      Secondly we found out the results of that hunter trial which indicated that the drug will almost certainly be approved this year. By the end of 2007 it is safe to say that shire will be making $100mm per from that product.

      With replagel, dynepro and now hunter revenues all but assured the deal looked much more attractive then it did in april.

      Another issue for us is time. If this falls through shire will have to spend the next 6 months finding someone else to buy and who knows how long before the deal is finalized. We need alternative revenue streams asap.