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  • fgnoms fgnoms Mar 3, 2007 4:16 AM Flag

    Read Background to Offer


    Fascinating reading on Page 20 of tender document - a must read for those interested in how a takeover happens:-

    Also note that there were two times - in 2005 and summer of 2006 - when NRPH was talking to other major league pharmas about a possible deal. Now thats interesting. One of the pharmas was interested in buying NRPH for NRP290 (not Vyvanse) - even more interesting. Of course they came to nothing but Kirk has been a busy boy trying to sell his company. Also there was a proposal for Shire to buy NRPH after the pipeline drugs had been siphoned off into two new public companies, which the shareholders of NRPH would own. That would have been more exciting than the current deal in my view. NRPH is selling those pipeline drugs for next to nothing whereas they could be worth even more than Vyvanse - NRP290 could be on the market in less than 2 years. Whats the betting that Kirk buys the pipeline drugs from Shire at a knockdown price sometime in the not too distant future. Did they forget to put that in the tender document?

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    • First of all it is a stretch to interpret this as another party was interested in buying NRPH for NRP290 the reference in the 10K was that another party might have interest in a transaction involving NRP290. Probably some sort of licence/royality type deal.

      You remind me a alot of myself when Shire bought out TKTX. They made a great acquision there and I suspect that this one will be as well.These acquisions are great fits for Shire and not necessarily for any other potential suitors.

      I recomend that that you do what I did and get over the fact that you did not get every dime you thought NRPH was worth and buy some Shire. I have been happy that I did.