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  • vyvanse vyvanse Mar 17, 2007 12:16 PM Flag

    Positive article about Vyvanse

    For all of you out there referring to the now infamous " article" when predicting doom and gloom for Vyvanse, read this.

    'nuff said'

    What the street article failed to mention was what happened once you went above 130-150mg. Does anyone really think that Shire would pay $2.6 billion dollars for something they thought was anything less than a blockbuster? Some schmuck over at "" knows more than they do about the market viability of an adhd product? Shire IS adhd for cying out loud. On Wall Street, you think ADHD, you think Shire, period. Flat-out marketing experts, period. Do you think Matt Emmens is going to grab a cup of coffee, flip open the laptop, read the article, and say, "shit man, that guy is right, what the hell was I thinking spending 2.6 billion, I better see if I can get my money back. My bad."

    You spend 2.6 billion, you've done some serious hardcore research on this product. Way more than joe schmoe at "" is privy to. That guy needs to get a life.

    Geez. Perspective would be nice.
    Long on Shire.

    Loving every minute of it in the USA. =)

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