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  • jtjader jtjader Dec 21, 1998 2:04 PM Flag

    what is going on with this stock....

    Does anyone have an idea why shire is going down right now
    Is there some bad news coming. I was under the impression
    that things were looking good then the price started to drop.

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      • 1 Reply to JiPod
      • Horizon Pharmacies, INC. (HZP), a large
        pharmacuetical aquirer, will soon begin to sell drugs and
        pharmaceutical items on the internet according to
        rumor- Horizon Pharmacies is ranked 74th on the list
        "Top 100 Hot Growth Companies" published by
        Business Week; it has 32 pharmacies in 10 states, plus
        home medical equipment units- in addition, their
        net income in the quarter ending September 30 1998
        was a
        profit of $830,000 as compared to a loss in
        1997 of $17,000- earnings for the 4th quarter are due
        out in a
        couple of weeks, and a positive earnings
        surprise is a distinct possibility- with these two
        coupled together, a short term pop is very
        possible- this
        stock will hit 13 to 16 within 2 to 4
        weeks- this is unlike other potential net stocks because
        it is already a
        solid growth company- here is a
        direct quote from the CEO of Horizon Pharmacies from
        November of 1998:
        "In the first part of 99 we will
        agressivly market our internet site. Improvements to our web
        site and adding
        categories such as prescription
        refills are currently under way. We do not feel marketing
        of our web site
        should be done until we are 100%
        ready."- based on the current atmosphere, simply opening
        up shop on the
        web adds a 5% increase to a
        stock- if you don't believe this message, check my
        credibility by looking at my
        previous picks which were
        Network Event Theater (NETS)- when I recommended it, it
        went from 9 3/8 to
        18 within 1 week- I also
        recommended Spiegel (SPGLA), it was 6 1/2 when I spread the
        word and got as
        high as 10 15/16 that same day- I
        also recommended Pacific Sunwear (PSUN) at 15, it
        reached a high of 22
        3/8 today- you will be kicking
        yourself for the rest of your life if you do not buy
        Horizon Pharmacies (HZP)

    • I'm long SHPGY but these are the #'s.

      short shares 139,923 07/98
      1,150,509 12/98
      earnings numbers and good news will force a squeeze which
      should significantly bump up our stock price. Days to
      cover approx. 10.55 based on shares short / avg. daily

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