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  • daveof203 daveof203 Jun 9, 1999 8:41 PM Flag

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    • 4th largest UK drug company?? How many drug
      companies are their in the UK (SmithKline, Glaxo, ???).

      4th largest in the world -- that's very
      4th largest in US -- that's impressive
      4th largest
      in UK -- what does that mean in the grand picture of
      dozens of company's with annual sales well over $1
      billion - many with sales over $5, even $10 billion.
      Besides, most of Shire's sales ($175 mil?) are being
      generated here in the US, not in the UK. I can only hope
      the professionals can think of better reasons to
      invest than the 4th largest UK drug company.

    • Seems confusing to me that no one talks about
      earnings in terms of change to US GAAP from UK GAAP. On
      that basis, Shire's own footnotes indicate their
      earnings per ADR in the first 6 months gets cut to below
      $0.15 (Roberts reported $0.40 for same 6 months.) Does
      this indicate that Shire's inherent earnings are about
      $0.25 - $0.30 in 1999 (US GAPP) and Roberts about $0.80
      - $0.90.

      Does anyone know what the
      estimates are (in US GAAP) for ADR earnings in 2000. Would
      be interesting to see how that compares to street
      estimates of about $1.15 for Roberts alone in 2000.

    • If I recall accurately...June came in at .18
      cents per adr...if the Yahoo finance board is accurate,
      Sept. is being revised downward...not great news but I
      think analyst expectations, particularly Bear Stearns,
      got ahead of concern is the impact
      the merger will have on '99 earnings...I assume this
      is already reflected in the stock price...I believe
      Roberts is expected to add .10 cents per adr in 2000'...I
      am still holding but disappointed...still think
      something isn't quite right...the stock price "should be"

    • Anyone know the June EPS or when they will be posted? Yahoo doesn't show any record of June earnings??

    • SHPGY given take off prediction by Henry de
      Vismis, Citibank Global, Senior Portfolio Manager. Vismis
      says SHPGY is 4th largest UK Pharmaceutical company.
      Attractive pipeline in phase 3. About to take off. Vismis
      also likes STM, ASML, LUX.

    • guest analyst mentioned shpgy this morning, expecting a huge explosion in earnings going forward. LOL

    • <EOM>

    • I hope all British citizens who read this board
      are not too offended by these discriminatory remarks
      made by this idiot. Just ignore his posts since they
      contain nothing but worthless banter. Unfortunately we
      Americans have more than our fair share of feeble minded
      wackos on these stock message boards.

    • #1 I worked for a british firm for ten years. The
      only that counted was procuring women for the Brits on
      holiday in America. The name of the company was Racal
      Electronic. In 1984 this concern was number one in one
      computer talking to another computer digitally. In 1998,
      Racal sold it for 8 million pounds. Brits are

      #2 Shire is setting aside enough fund to fire every
      employee of RPC. Brits are Sits.

    • As a british citizen and Shire shareholder I
      noted te unusual volumes, but not much happened to the
      share price. As the share price went up to $29 after
      last high volume will we soon see a sharprise? Is
      there some positive news in the air or do I smell

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