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  • shortsaplenty shortsaplenty Jan 18, 2000 5:26 PM Flag

    GOING DOWN!!!!!

    Valuation run-up too quick post
    acquisition...more often than not integration issues kill a company
    post acquisition in the short term (as will be the
    case here)...stock run-up due to acquisition as well
    as major pharma acquisition announced
    yesterday...time to short and watch it fall!!!!!!!

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    • I know a couple (2) of Roberts sales people who
      tell me there is concern in the field over what's
      happening at the home office. They what people are posting
      here and that Loy is in charge (but they don�t know
      much about him). The sales people, in general, felt
      strongly about Spitz and his sales management team, some
      of who are already gone. There is some feeling that
      Shire cannot be fully trusted (broken promises) and is
      not as caring a company as Roberts. {{that may not be
      of interest to investors, except for those who
      realize that Shire is in deep trouble if they lose the
      sales force loyalty}}

      They also both said their
      selling job may actually be harder as they try to switch
      doctor loyalties from recognition of U.S. Roberts to the
      largely unknown UK Shire. If approached by another
      pharmaceutical company, they also both said they would seriously
      consider taking another offer.

      Of course, that is
      only the reflections of two sales people. Maybe there
      are other Roberts sales people following this board
      who might share their thoughts with us.

    • I didn't know this board was a place for personal attacks. The information I gave to help explain was directly from employees in Eatontown. By the way, I came in at 11.25 and have not sold yet.

    • Not all employees were given letters to stay on
      till April 30th.

      Employees were sent there warn
      letters on January 3nd, stating the building will close
      between February 28 - March 4th.

      Employees that
      have found jobs that hand in there resignations have
      been told that they are an important player in the
      transition and Shire will not honor the severance to these
      people unless they stay till a certain time. Some being
      April 30th.

      Thats what I'm hearing.

    • You are full of crap! You don't have any idea of
      what your talking about. You are just another sour
      puss who sold his RPC shares way down below and now
      you are filled with vinegar and are green with envy.
      It's so obvious in your writing. Your jealousy and
      envy have blinded you.

    • Loy has been ready to retire for over a year but
      has held on till this "merger" so he could get his
      parachute. Loy has few thoughts of his own, but if he can
      get any more $ he'll hold out and take it. The
      employees in Eatontown were given a letter asking them to
      stay until April 30 and offered money to stay. It
      appears that Shire finally figured out that they couldn't
      close down this operation in 60 days! It also looks
      like only 4 people out of the 125 in Eatontown have
      any desire to go to Kentucky. Shire wasn't planning
      on this either and probably is trying to figure out
      what to do now.

    • Thanks lodi. I guess if Loy is butt kisser, he's
      now planted his lips on Stahel's backside. And, if as
      you said, he plans to retire, then I guess this is
      his last chance play at being mister big before all
      of Eatontown is closed. From what you said, I can
      only assume that Loy was selected to run things (until
      the shutdown) because he's easy to control, i.e,
      another yes man. But all that may mean even more
      bitterness is being created among the Eatontown people who
      are being asked to help Shire through the next
      several crtical weeks. That still leaves questions about
      how well Shire manages people in general. Can they,
      for example, keep the old Roberts sales people happy
      or will many of the Spitz trained sales people leave
      for other companies that care more and treat their
      people better with more benefits. The ultra conservative
      UK and KY cultures may have a negative effect on
      sales people use to more liberal east coast leadership.

    • I nominate "shortsaplenty" for the title of ASSHOLE of the Day....All in favor say I.

    • EOM