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  • Estimated__Prophet Estimated__Prophet May 20, 2000 9:18 PM Flag

    "Shire bought Roberts for their drugs"

    This may be true. As a shareholder, I don't mind
    if people need to get axed for the better good of a
    company. My concern is the growth of Shire. Sirromeo4th
    raised one very good point. Does Rolf equate quanity of
    hours with quality of management? DMs who get up at
    5:00am and fly off to somewhere to work until 7:30 only
    to fly back home, may not be delivering any better
    mentoring/management, than those who spend a bit less time. I've never
    believed in quanity over quality in management. It's this
    way of thinking that makes me nervous. Sales are bad
    and now, I fear, they are only going to get worse.

    Still long, althogh I'm wondering why.


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    • It sounds like what you are talking about is
      years away from the market and not something we should
      be losing any sleep about tonight. What phase of
      development are they in? How far away are clinical trials?
      And plenty of pharmaceuticals have spent huge amounts
      of money on drugs they believed in and never saw
      those drugs come to market.

    • fgnoms, you said
      "whether Galantamine's long
      term prospects will be severely limited by Sanochemia
      producing Galantamine II, which is currently not licenced
      to Shire." Where did you get this information? Can
      you please give more details? It is the first time I
      have heard of Galantamine II.

    • I don't think it makes sense that the RPC side
      reps are going to get the ax, at least not "en masse"
      like the home office staff. Shire did not plan to
      integrate the two sales forces. Therefore, they cannot dump
      the RPC reps and let their own reps carry the
      products. They have to cross-train first, and considering
      how much else they have going on trying to integrate
      R&D into Maryland and admin into KY, it doesn't seem
      likely they have the time. Whether the floodgates are
      open for them to leave on their own, well, that's
      another story...

      And does Rolf equate quantity of
      hours with quality? Ask the UK employees who are still
      at work when the US employees are going home.