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  • ezndat ezndat May 5, 2014 4:15 PM Flag

    Next 10Q

    Due out in the middle of June, will be a big day for COPY investors....MI windows, Hurd, YKK-AP, PGT and Logitech should all show up as revenue I believe....The Logitech announcement was on 4/30, last day of the quarter - should make it onto 10-Q....Not sure what the Logitech settlement was for but hopefully the J-Channel setlements bring in around 5-7 million..if anyone has any ballpark guesses for Logitech I'd be all ears....The Skype lawsuit was filed 2 months prior to the Logitech lawsuit, so that is pretty exciting prospect...

    SeeThruEquity estimates the Skype + Citrix + Logitech opportunity to be in excess of 100M....conservatively estimate that Logitech alone was 10M then we could be looking at revenue of 15-20M and possibly a little more...20M of revenue would be 1/4th our market this crazy talk?

    If company can prove that these assertions are legitimate and can make money I think investors would be much more comfortable with dilution which would allow company to expand portfolio and/or create confidence that this company can afford to go to trial, hold out for top dollar settlements, is viable and not going bankrupt, etc.

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