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  • shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles shawn_avery_king_of_pentacles Aug 30, 2013 1:25 AM Flag

    Positive changes on CBA fundamentals

    Just a few of these changes are: industry sales growth at 20%, over seas sales growth at 20%, new distribution in 8 countries including Canada, a collaborative venture with Buffalo wild wings (Game Changer Ale), the Dan Patrick show (Audible Ale), The Chive (KCCO Black Ale), Hilliards (Hemp Ale that commemorates Washington States marijuana law change), the Laurelwood Ale brewing contract, Square Mile cider now in CBA's biggest markets, the passage of The Brew Act in Congress looks good (that will be a profit boost) and Omission gluten free Ale. This company in on the cusp of a large growth spurt! A 13 year chart of CBA vs the S&P 500 is impressive 580% vs 16% return for the S&P 500. When buying CBA on dips and holding the stock long term, it rewards it's holders very well...PS most mutual funds can't out perform the S&P500.

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    • Why the "conventional" 13 year comparison to the S&P shawn? How about the 8 year, or better yet, since inception? Contract brewing is a losers proposition for the most part, Audible Ale is marginal at best and the company can't keep pace with the industry. Stop trying to BS things here. This dog has been using the same old excuses for not making money for years... PS most mutual fund comparisons aren't randomly for 13 years.

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      • armed_with_fire_and_ice armed_with_fire_and_ice Aug 30, 2013 11:27 AM Flag


      • Spoken like a true long term investor.

        Give it up.

        Any rational individual with this much venom for a company would NEVER have money invested. It is irrational. With such deep seated animus against this company and its prospects, it is inconceivable one would simultaneously have money invested.

        Give it up. You have argued repeatedly since $2 that this company had no future. Kona was a fad in your book. KONA is now the largest brand. You have been consistently wrong on virtually every aspect of the company and its prospects going on a DECADE.

        You tout rate beer which is so pathetic a site it makes me think you must use an psychics as well. You ridicule Longhammer and tout its Rate Beer 11 rating yet it is growing at 15% and on fire. Given your posting history here, you must account for 90% of the slams on Rate Beer.

        I continue to think you were fired during the re-org and just can't put it behind you. In any event, go examine your 6 year track record of slamming this stock. Mr. Market is showing you to be an arrogant, consistently WRONG, angry poster.

        It boggles the mind that you can rationalize continuing to show up and post under a name after the stock has advanced 600% while you have been slamming its prospects.


        Seriously, you hated the stock at $2 BUCKS! It hit $12.50!!!!!

        Hello???? You have been tragically WRONG and in a HUGE WAY.

        Ohh, and tell me more about that fine company, JVA.

        Seriously, counseling should be considered. You have wasted YEARS of your life hating this company.... YEARS. You could not just go away? You couldn't just refrain from posting? Do you see how WRONG you are? Have been? Why do this duuuuude?

        get help.

    • Excellent recap. This is just what we know today. Many new initiatives and partnerships on the near term horizon.

      This appears to be both a fantastic trading stock and an even better Buy and Hold LONG! Have fun with both.

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