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  • ikane92 ikane92 Jul 18, 2011 11:50 PM Flag

    What the company does exactly.

    Wanting to know more about the company. What do they do? How does their technology work? Are there any competitors?

    I looked at their website to try to understand but I'm not the most tech savvy person. Sounds like they take the suns energy to recharge batteries. But how does this work? Does it attach to the product and power the battery all the time?

    Any insight would be helpful.

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    • IXYS manufactures and sells mostly High Voltage power mosfets, IGBTs and high voltage power mosfet/IGBT modules. It has some secondary divisions that in general don't (IMHO) appear to do much to the overall sales and profitability of the company. I cannot say much about the solar parts except to say that there are a lot of companies out there that make very similar devices. Solar seems to be very much out of favor these days as evidenced by the recent bankruptcy of a major solar company.

      Solar cells can recharge batteries in a number of ways, from the simplest "take the batteries out and place them in the charger and then place in direct sunlight" to more complex ones that can supplement the battery while in circuit. I don't know which end of the spectrum IXYS makes their parts for.

    • This company has been around many years now. In fact, my old boss way back in the '70's left our company to work there. The CEO at the time and for many years had a "sand box" attitude towards marketing and growth and they went flat for a very long time.
      Now they've gotten a bit into "Green Energy" with motor controllers and power transformation applications. There's a growing market here with saving energy and this could quietly be a winner for them. There are some new semi startups doing just this thing.
      I've stuck my toe in this week, after many years being on the sidelines.

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